Character Weights and Float Heights

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Myke, Apr 20, 2002.

  1. Myke

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    <font color=orange>Character Weight Chart</font color=orange>

    | Light Weight | Mid Weight | Heavy |
    | Aoi Pai | Sar Van | Lei Lio Shu | Kag Lau | Jac Aki | Wol Jef |

    - In Version B, Vanessa is as light as Aoi.
    - In Version C, Vanessa's weight was increased to make her equal to Sarah.

    <font color=orange>Float Height Chart</font color=orange>

    | Highest Float Lowest Float |
    | MC | MC | Normal or | mC | Normal | Guard |
    | (st) | (cr) | mC (st) | (cr) | (cr) | (cr) |

    Hit Legend
    MC = Major Counter, interrupting opponent's attack
    mC = Minor Counter, hit during opponent's recovery
    Normal = Normal hit, opponent not guarding
    Guard = Guard hit, opponent guarding wrong hit level
    st = Standing
    cr = Crouching
  2. Robyrt

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    I've noticed some characters have weird hit detection in floats... f.ex. Sarah's DC,df+PK,u+K will miss on a normal hit from Lau but not from Kage, while f+PK,b+K,f+K+G works for Lau but not for Jacky. Of course, DC, df+PK,u+K is very reliable for Jeff, but that's an entirely different problem /versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  3. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Myke, could you edit your post with a hard return to start a new line with the "In version B..." for Van's weight change? For some reason the end of that sentence got cut off.

    I've noticed some characters have weird hit detection in floats...

    Yeah, I've been noticing this too (also in earlier versions of VF) For example, some float combos just don't work on Lion. I think when he's in the air, his legs are spread farther apart, and sometimes you whiff between them... just my theory. The df+PK, u+K on Jeff is just plain weird. It shouldn't work, and is another example pointing to weight not being the only consideration in floats. It rarely works on Wolf and Akira. Use P(G), b+K, u+K instead.

    f+PK,b+K,f+K+G works for Lau but not for Jacky

    I think this is a factor of weight. Jacky is just that little bit heavier. Jacky's and Akira's weight are big plusses for them when it comes down to assessing who are the best characters in VF4 IMO.

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