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    Vicks Biru Well-Known Member

    For the sake of creating a post so that there'll be something to read before VF4 appears worldwide, I have written this post on ... the looks of the characters. Yar... stone me all you want.

    As with all the versions, every character has gone through a facelift and comes back looking better or worse. While Taka is either Dead or Alive, we are sure his soul [calibur] has not been Tekken [taken]. Argh, that was so corny!!

    Right, on with the post. VF1 images have been excluded... nothing much besides the blockiness of it all. And thus, the ranking system begins [similar to the costume post].


    VF2. He has a much more serious look. VF4 comes close, just that he has been beefed up too much.
    VF3. He looks too cartoonish. In my opinion, VF2 skin looked better than VF3's, it looked more rugged. Over here he looks like he has jaundice... and has lost a few years from VF2.


    VF4 80%. Don't be mistaken... the character model for Pai HAS been changed. She does not look like a sourpuss anymore. Rather, she looks as sweet as she is on the character select screen.
    VF4 AOU. Yucks.


    VF2. He has his wrinkles and I like his eyebrows. In my opinion, he looks better in thin eyebrows than thick [VF3].
    VF4. You don't really look good with wrinkles. Or a goatee.


    VF4. He has the same beefed up look as in VF2, but with more polygons and wrath.
    VF3. He looks too cartoonish. Like a cat with baby fat.


    VF3. I don't know. I just think so.
    VF4. He reminds me of the guy on Pringles... with dreadlocks that is. And he looks too menacing - he's supposed to be a nice guy.


    VF4. I haven't seen him with the mask off. But from the "5-move movelist with character select pic attached on top" picture in a recent post, he looks very good.
    VF2. Only in victory taunts - he has vampire fangs! Just like Pai in VF3 when she smiles... and Aoi... and oh anyone who reveals their chompers.


    VF4. Her fringe is now a set of floppy bangs, just like the manga. Better than those stray hairs in previous versions.
    VF3. A little beefy there, Sarah. Not trying to mimic Mel C of Spice Girls fame, are you?


    VF4. This is the only version where he looks handsome.
    VF3. Not as cool as VF4, nor as chic as VF2. He looks as though he has been using some whitening lotion or something.


    VF4. When you see liver spots, you know it's the best... for an old geezer.
    VF3. He looks too cartoonish. And though this isn't related - pls lose that freaky voice of yours, Shun!!!.


    VF2. Here, he looks the best. Had the best voice in VF2 as well. It's just best, bester, and bestest.
    VF4. Do you notice how his hair gets lighter each season? Brown in VF2, Orange-brown in VF3 and now a rusty blonde in VF4. Get a life and perhaps you'll stop your dropping IQ level [no offence to blondes]... and lose those chains! ARGH!


    VF4. Sweet as pie. Or should that be Pai?
    VF3. Guess she was sharing Jacky's whitening cream. And her hair is stiff!!! Wait... it's stiff in VF4 too...


    He has a serious look. His eyebrows are huge!!! And when he is chosen in char select he looks like a FREAK!


    My comments for him are as many as the number of hairs on his head. None.


    A swarthy look. Kind of like it. It's the in thing to be a platinum head, I see.


    VF2. Her features were sharp. And underwater, she appeared a deep silver blue. Just wonderful.
    VF3. Her features are blurred. And she is too dark! Anyone notices that Dural looks like Vanessa? Take the hair away and compare Vanessa to Dural's I'm-in-the-fire pic!

    <font color=orange>Imagine losing to this bozo...</font color=orange>
  2. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    "stone me all you want"

    hehe you asked for it.....

    oo o o o o o o
    o o o oo
    o o o o o o o ooo o o o
    o o o oo oooo oo oo

    o o o o ooo

    i disagree 95% :)

    <font color=red>nAndato</font color=red>
  3. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Hmmm....With regards to VF4 everyone I have seen looks cool Except Lau and Lion. Lau looks...crusty I can't think of a better term but I don't like it. Lion on the other hand while looking ok I feel his nose is too big and I prefer his VF3 hair colour. Oh also, Jeffery's tie die shorts costume is just plain UGLY while Jacky's leather look is ace though, where is his flame logo?


  4. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    I dunno, there's something about Lion - I swear he looks so Japanese to me now... like some Japanese kid you might run into walking around in Shibuya..

  5. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Now that I've played the game (though I believe it to be the test version) I can give a proper opinion. Sarah is great in VF4, She's had a slight change from what I could gather. I feel she's kept her speed but her flip kick has been changed a bit. It's opposite to Jacky's in that her's is slow to start making it hard to combo now unless you get a serious counter and very quick to recover. On the other hand Jacky's is Lightning quick (forgive the pun) but he does a short if not time consuming taunt when he lands leaving him open. For the life of me I can't get Sarah's F+P,B+K to work, my guess it's gone.

    On the other hand Sarah has been given a whole new dimension! Her new moves which use P+K are amazing.
    P+K does a quick hop crescent kick that ends with her in her new kick stance (like that Taekwando guy in Tekken). She has one leg up, and while doing this she can launch a frenzy of high kicks, a side kick, a stronger high hook kick, a powerful axe kick and even a sweep! Even better, she can escape by pressing B which will make her do a backflip!
    You can enter the stance in 3 ways so far as I know:

    P+K: as I have already mentioned.

    B+K: which will do a simple front kick.

    B+P+K: which will make her do a jumping double front kick which is stronger and covers more ground than B+K but is slower.

    Here are the moves you can do while in the stance:

    KKK: Two high kicks followed my a middle one.

    DF+K: A middle kick.

    D+K: A low kick, great for poking.

    F+K: High hook kick, it's stronger than the regular kick and knocks the opponent back a bit more.

    G+K: The axe kick, It's an overhead.

    D+G+K: Sweep. Excellent!

    B: Backflip.

    P+k: This is a fake kick move she'll wiggle her leg in a cute way and makes you think she'll kick. It will do wonders in matches!

    You can get out of the stance anytime by pressing guard. She has no recovery time from the stance and you can even start a PPPK combo from it!
    That's all I could figure with regards to the Stance. The other new move was DB+G+K which was her old Heel kick from VF2.

    All in all im content. Feel free to dispute the above and I look forward to suggestions.


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