Cheap 48X CD-RW and Cheap CD-R's

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    For the benefit of everyone who wants to store media on CD-R's I thought I would post some very good deals on a CD-RW drive and blank CD-R's.

    Dell has a Lite-On 48X CD-RW drive for $77.36 shipped at this link,

    right now they have free shipping (you can even choose NEXT DAY, and its still FREE!)
    I think the 10% is automatic, but if not, enter this code (from the deals page)


    your cart should come up with $77.36 total.

    For those of you who dont know this is basically the best drive you can get speed wise and best bang for the buck. Lite-On drives are top performing and lots of companies simply rebrand their drives with Lite-On's.


    For those of you who don't know best buy and compusa have some great in store deals

    50 pack CD-R's after rebate for $4.99 and 100 pack CD-R's after rebate for $2.99.

    50 at $4.99 is about 10 cents per CD-R
    100 at 2.99 is about 2.9 cents per CD-R

    If you cant get to a store

    TDK 16X CD-R Media, 700MB for $0.99 + shipping in Compusa (~$7 for 100 disks)
    16X CD-R Media, 700MB / 80 Minute, 50 Pack, Spindle
    (limit 2 per customer)
    Manufacturer: TDK
    Mfg Part #: CD-R80FXCB50T
    Product Number: 280569
    In-Store Price: $29.99
    Internet Price: $0.99
    (Not Available In-Store)


    Shipping is $5.00, After tax and shipping show up around $7.08 for me
    Subtotal: $1.98
    Shipping Choice: Ground Freight Shipping: $5.00
    Tax*: $0.10
    TOTAL: $7.08

    I got these from

    They also have a great review of the Lite-On drive.


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