Cheap VF4 Stick - Fighter Stick V

Discussion in 'Console' started by KoolAsian, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. KoolAsian

    KoolAsian Member

    I recently purchaced this stick to play with VF4. With shipping it was 19.99. I think it's a great stick. It works and has the feel of the VF4 stick control, but the buttons are a bit bigger.

    Has anyone else used this stick? Care to share your experience? I'm going to abuse it a bit more and tell you what the results are. It has a metal base so I hope it is very sturdy.

  2. KoolAsian

    KoolAsian Member

    Here's more info on it... it is made by innovation and it's called the Virtual Stick.

    From checking with the maker it looks like an old stick... But still it feels great.

    I can execute moves very nicely.

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