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    This combo problem is for Lau Chan... or Chen Liu which I seem to be calling him nowadays...

    I posted a post (hmmm....), asking about a lifting palm.

    Yah, what I want to know is the combo in the tb intro.

    You know...

    Up Knife, Super Knife, That funny lifting palm, PPPK.

    The thing is, I heard it was D/F+P.
    But I've tried like crazy but it does not come out.

    It can't be bb+P, though it looks quite similar. It's too slow.

    So what is it!?????/?/?////???F?D?gffg/x

    Vicky Bilu
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    Ahh, ok.

    Well, the combo in the intro is indeed UpKn-SpKn, dash, bb+P,d+PPPK against Sarah on a slope.

    However, the terminology of 'Lifting Palm' really refers to DF+P. The names of his various palms are as follows:

    Lifting Palm (aka UpKn): DF+P
    Super Knife (aka SpKn): df+P+K
    Turn Away Lifting Palm (aka TA-UpKn): bb+P
    Downknife (aka DnKn): df+P
    Lunging Palm (aka LnKn): df,df+P
    Turn Towards Downknife (TT-DnKn): d+P immediately follwing bb+P
    Double Palm (aka DbPm): b,ff+P
    Modified Lifting Palm (aka m-UpKn): df,d,DF+P ie: from a crouch dash motion - results in an UpKn essentially from a standing position.


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    Thanx very much. No more spoilt controllers.

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