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    I just dled the tourney final movie from Ed's Harcoregaming VF section and....

    Geez, DID I SUCK ! (i didn't realize i suck that bad >_<); but man Jeff you sucked even worse MuaHAhaHAHHAHAH *ROtFL*, go dled the movie and kill yourself j/k ^________^

    Seriously, i can't believe that is the same me half year ago ;_; (and Jeff, *that* Kage looks like a CPU training mode Kage lvl1 ^0^)

    for everyone else, it will prolly crack you up, remember, it is the tourney final matches =)
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    God...I just downloaded the videos. I've with Ed NOT to publish that particular movie as it CERTAINLY does not reflect what I would call a "high level of play" on both our parts but ESPECIALLY mine. /images/icons/crazy.gif

    I guess I'll cross my fingers and hope Rodney/Jason can get those Omaha tapes duplicated and sent to me so I can capture them into mpeg/mov/avi so I can redeem myself ASAP! /images/icons/blush.gif

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