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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by MADrox, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. KillaKen

    KillaKen Well-Known Member

  2. KillaKen

    KillaKen Well-Known Member

    Re: not forever alone

    So anybody going out to GGA anytime soon to run some matches? Seems like there's some interest up there.
  3. Soufside

    Soufside New Member

    Re: not forever alone

    oh wow, people have actually been posting in the chicago thread while i was at evo, JOY!

    vf5 gets played at both GGA and NC on thursdays and saturdays. at the moment, GGA is having some trouble with their air conditioner so the majority of the scene is dodging their thursday sessions until the place isnt a sauna. there is also ignite network on belmont and western...they host on mondays, but im not sure if they get any of the vf5 crowd...but it wouldnt hurt to show up anyway and just play your game and see whos interested. ive done the same thing for kof and it turned out in my new players.

    feel free to join the chicago fighting game community on facebook, posts about weekly sessions and household gatherings can be found there on the regular

    AU_IM_DIGIMON Active Member

    Re: not forever alone

    LOL killaken you're from IL bro, I didn't know that man. I'm in WI man. We should kick it offline or something. PM me.

    As goes for the rest of yha.

    Just wanted to give you folks a heads up, that we've having an epic tourney coming up soon @ Nickel City in Northbrook, IL. Hope you folks can make it. And you're truly lol will be running VF5FS there.

    Thread located here:[8/18/2012] HeartNana Presents#Post335767

    I'll be posting rule set for this tourney by the end of this week.
  5. KillaKen

    KillaKen Well-Known Member

  6. grap3fruitman

    grap3fruitman Active Member

    While Final Showdown isn't being officially held, there is a gathering at Game Pazzo in Downer's Grove tomorrow. Would any VF players be in attendance to maybe get a small game going? Whether or not I go hinges on anyone else showing up. For the record, I'm a terrible player and quite new to the game so I won't be much of a challenge but I would like to perhaps learn some things from other players.
  7. Scromps

    Scromps New Member

    I'm bad at VF, but I''ll be there to win 2D tournies and play 3D inbetween / after.
  8. II Jet II

    II Jet II New Member

    So.... Is this still going? o.0
  9. grap3fruitman

    grap3fruitman Active Member

    No, VF is dead.
  10. II Jet II

    II Jet II New Member

    When you try to escape the DOA Community...

    It being dead (to you) doesn't mean there can't be offline casuals.
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  11. grap3fruitman

    grap3fruitman Active Member

    You'd think you'd be used to my dick-ish sense of humor by now instead of getting so easily offended.

    Anyway, I would love some offline casuals. There's just zero activity in this thread is all. The last post was by me in October, then prior to that a single post in September and then any activity was back in July... Just sayin'.

    I'm really struggling to learn this game and I think some offline casuals with more knowledgeable players would really benefit me more than some online casuals.
  12. GrandpaLoafers

    GrandpaLoafers Well-Known Member

    100% newbie here in Chicago would love to meet some people to learn how to play this game!
  13. Ladon

    Ladon Well-Known Member

    Hello Chicago!

    I'm in Great Lakes, IL, and will be here for about a year from the looks of things. I know this thread is pretty dead, but hopefully there's some stuff going on, that's not being posted.

    Or maybe I just have to do something to liven up the scene? If anyone wants some good competition, I am willing to oblige!
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  14. Jona

    Jona New Member

    Olah Chicago VF scene! Im new to VFDC. I play on PS3, my PSN is Jona-Youme. Is there any local competition for this little hermit player that i am?
  15. Candor

    Candor New Member

    Soooo is anyone in chicago still playing this game; or is offline VF just a lost cause in here or anywhere in the U.S...?
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  16. cruzlink2

    cruzlink2 Well-Known Member

    Look up cmoney on xbl I believe he's from Chicago.

    BLACKSTAR You'll find him on the grind Staff Member Content Manager Sarah Media Manager

    BapK is in Chicago and still plays from what i know. Plus apparently you guys have a Final Showdown arcade machine setup over there, from what I heard
  18. Stl_Tim

    Stl_Tim Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Cmoney in Chicago! I'll take a trip up there for round1 and to meet the great cmoney.

    Road...road ...trip....
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  19. MADrox

    MADrox Well-Known Member

    Not many people any more
    - most of the vets havnt touched it months
  20. Stl_Tim

    Stl_Tim Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Rise from your grave Chicago!!!

    I will be checking out fs at round1entertainment today mid afternoon.
    Already planning on meeting cmoney and whomever else freed up, join us!
    Gonna get some games, bowling, and good food while I'm in town.

    Let's pray now they actually maintain their cabinets properly, ohm.......
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