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Choosing a stick for VF4Evolution PS2

Discussion in 'Console' started by Catch22, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. Shoju

    Shoju Well-Known Member

    The Hori Soul Calibur 2 stick is one of the loosest I've used, and I think for VF that's a good thing. It makes fast movement more effortless.
  2. PinkysBrain

    PinkysBrain New Member

    Does someone know if I can use the PS3 arcade stick from Hori on a PS2 (the stick uses USB, PS2 has USB)? If not by default, is there an adapter?
  3. FcoBenitez

    FcoBenitez Well-Known Member

    I think this thread responses to asd (my old thread)

    Thanks for posting this info
  4. Hello.

    I know this thread hasn't been updated for a while, bit I'm stuck with regards to a stick for VF 4 Evo. I've took a chance on the cheap Mayflash USB Fighting Stick with a view to modding it later if it works well. The problem is the stick does not function in VF 4 Evo!

    It works in the first VF 4, but not in Evo. The buttons works fine, but the stick does not allow control. I've noticed that when playing the first VF4 with a Dualshock, the analog light is off by default. However on 4 Evo the analog light is permanently on (I think this is because Evo needs the analog sticks for various functions in training/customise mode, whereas the first VF4 does not need them at all).

    So due to the analog requirements of Evo, the Mayflash stick is being treated as the left analog stick (I tested this by using a pad to navigate to item edit mode, then plugged in the stick, and sure enough the stick was controlling the zoom, just like the left dualshock stick). And of course the left stick cannot be used to move around in a fight, since Evo only allows the d-pad to be used for this. Hence why the Mayflash stick directions do not work in this game.

    So now I am considering another PS2 stick: the Sega Virtua Stick for PS2 (it also has a favourable button layout for using on Saturn and Dreamcast Capcom games via controller adapters, with L1 and R1 vertically aligned in the 6-button layout (unlike on the Mayflash and Horis) and R1 and R2 relegated to the periphery). But I need to know if this stick works in Evo, unlike the Mayflash. Does anyone have experience using the PS2 Sega Virtua Stick in VF4 Evo?

    Thank you for any advice you can provide.
  5. Shag

    Shag Well-Known Member

    Yes, the PS2 Virtua Stick works with Evo.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply. Understood.
  7. cherylfoster

    cherylfoster New Member

    You do not know what you're talking about when you say this is the best money can buy. This whori to insist on crappy little elf, Joystick knob on it. Good luck pulling the spod off on it. Those mass-produced components joystick is a cheap, will never see the light of day, a real mall.
  8. clarkk

    clarkk New Member

    Requirements of the analog stick Mayflash Evo is considered the left analog stick ,I tested this using the keyboard to navigate to the project edit mode, and then plug in the stick, stick, it really is to control the zoom, just like the left dualshock.

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