Columbus, Ohio.. for the love of VF

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by maddy, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Stl_Tim

    Stl_Tim Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Rise Madagascar from your grave!
  2. mashingG

    mashingG New Member

    Sure, I live here and I would really enjoy playing VF offline. I just began practicing VF pretty recently though, I hope the skill differential would not be an issue.
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  3. Oioron

    Oioron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Sweet! Maybe we can set something up sometime this month. Whereabouts are you from? I live in the Victorian Village not too far from Goodale Park.

    I main Kage, who do you main?
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  4. mashingG

    mashingG New Member

    I live pretty close to the OSU campus.

    I've been practicing Akira, I think I'm going to stick with that character. Do you prefer vf4 EVO or vf5fs?
  5. Oioron

    Oioron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    I joined the scene during VF4 EVO's heyday so I always have a soft spot for that version. But it's all FS right now since that's what people are playing now.

    I have some free time after work next week from Wednesday - Friday. Next weekend works too. So let me know if you're interested, I can host.

    And I wouldn't worry too much about skill difference since FS is like a new game to me. I was on hiatus from 2009 and only started playing again sporadically last year.
  6. mashingG

    mashingG New Member

    Next weekend sounds like that could work. I think on tuesdays there is a local where you can bring your own setups too but I never go there.

    Also I have a copy of vf4 evo and practiced MTE, so if you want to play that sometime that would be cool.
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  7. Oioron

    Oioron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    How about Saturday afternoon around 3 or 4? I’ll pm you my address.

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