Combos With Jacky: Give and Take

Discussion in 'Jacky' started by JoJoBiZARrE, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. JoJoBiZARrE

    JoJoBiZARrE Member

    Here are a few combos I prefer to use with Jacky:

    <font color=yellow>((basic))</font color=yellow>
    <font color=orange>f+K - K,P,d+K (f+K must be a counter)
    f+K - f+P,P,K
    b+P - f+P,P,K (b+P must be a counter)
    b+P - K,P,d+K (b+P must be a counter)
    b+P+K+G - fd,fd+P - f+P,P,K
    b+P+K+G - fd,fd+P - ub+K</font color=orange>

    <font color=yellow>((wall))</font color=yellow>
    <font color=orange>f+K - f+P,P (G) - ub+K
    f+K - f+K, ub+K (f+K must be a counter)</font color=orange>

    They're pretty easy to do, and deal a great amount of damage. Try them out!

    Please post back with a few combos of your own. Thank you.
  2. chingdude

    chingdude Well-Known Member

    dude!~ /versus/images/icons/crazy.gif
    check out the extensive combo lists at daily virtua fighter 4:

    you'll require a japanese translator to understand the conditions required such as stance, weight class, counter etc to pull them off though. i prefer <a target="_blank" href=>cafeglobe's translator</a>.

  3. JoJoBiZARrE

    JoJoBiZARrE Member

    Haha.. I was just giving specific combos that I use and leaving out all the BS ones that aren't worth trying. I guess I didn't make it clear that I'm asking for combos that you prefer, and combos that you'd like others, such as me, to try. But thanks for the link chingdude.
  4. Hot_Rod

    Hot_Rod Member

    Does f+K, f+P, P, K work in both stances(open and closed)? It works on lw but I can only hit it in closed on mw and hw(non-counter that is).
  5. JoJoBiZARrE

    JoJoBiZARrE Member

    Yes, it does work in both stances for Medium and Heavy Weight. For Reverse Stance, make sure it's a <font color=yellow>counter hit</font color=yellow> for Medium Weight and Heavy Weight. And if you're going against a Heavy Weight, make sure on both stances it's a counter hit. Sorry for not taking note on that earlier. Thanks
  6. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Here are some that I know of but don't use:

    f+k, P+K, K, shuffle (tap back) d+k,k
    MC b+p, d+p+k,k,k,k
    Iageri on MC, u/b+k I think =)

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