Come Play at the Mall of America on Friday Night

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Air Jacky, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. Air Jacky

    Air Jacky Well-Known Member

    Hi every one
    Since VF4 came out on the PS2. I thought it might be fun to get together and play some VF4 a the mall on Friday the 22nd. There will be a few of us going there for sure. Alexie and me (Boyd) and Chris he works there but very good with wolf and i am hoping Sam the lion player will show up tomorrow.
    well i hope to see some old faces up there and some new ones. I also hope to have some people over sometime to play VF4 on the PS2 sometime. Email me if you are interested or come to mall on friday.
  2. ItsEd

    ItsEd Member

    AHHHHHHHHH Shit I missed it, maybe next friday, I dunno maybe you guys need an e-mail list.

    I watched Blade2 that friday so yeah... :p

    Anyways, Im up to playing, I started playing late but Im doing very good now beating chris and all /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Bedwettah

    Bedwettah Active Member

    boyd, are you guys going to the vf4 tournament at e6 in iowa? I think it takes place a week or two into april.

  4. PoweredBySoy

    PoweredBySoy New Member

    You kids should stop by The Stomping Grounds LAN center in Mnpls. We recently just hooked up a PS2, so VF4 is getting a lot of playtime there.

    Save yer quarters.


    *hi Ed.
  5. Air Jacky

    Air Jacky Well-Known Member

    Hello Brady
    Where is this place? I have never heard of it. And since the mall VF4 is ver.B thats no good.
    Now at this Stomping Grounds LAN center can any one show up or do you have to know how to play? And what joy sticks do they use there? And when do people show up.
    I love to play so other VF4 players.
    Let me know when and how to get there and i will show up if i can.
  6. Bedwettah

    Bedwettah Active Member

    The tournament is e6, in cedar rapids iowa, april 13. The catch is that there is a 32 man cap on the vf4 tournament, and it sounds like atleast twice that number want to play in it, i don't think ill be going actually. Also i believe wes won the cvs2 tournament at e5.

    Anyway I hope to play some of you guys again, my vanessa is infinitely better than it was before and i really like the changes made in version c.
  7. PoweredBySoy

    PoweredBySoy New Member

    Hey Boyd,
    If you want to stop by, go to and that'll give you all the info you need about The Stomping Grounds.
    It's officially a computer LAN gaming center, so in all honesty, the PS2 thing isn't in full swing there. I brought in my little TV and it's my buddies PS2 (which is ALMOST always there an hooked up).

    But the owner is interested in getting console (PS2 and Xbox) games there, so the plan is next week he's buying some new TV's and consoles for the place. Hopefully joysticks too.

    The crew there that plays VF4 is sort of a tight group of "regulars". But feel free to come by and play. There's almost always a couple of us there.
    One of the guys, Mike (a.k.a. Alpha), plays at the MOA, so maybe you know him......

    You're more than welcome to come.....fresh VF4 blood is always needed.


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