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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Zero-chan, Apr 11, 2003.

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    Being a friendly neighborhood moderator here at VFDC, I see a lot of posts go through the boards every day. Of these posts, there are many, many topics that get beaten into the ground over and over and over. It seems like every few days one of these topics that we thought was gone comes back to annoy everyone, like a House of the Dead zombie that just won't die no matter where you shoot it.

    Every time I see another post on these topics, it makes me want to scream and throw things. OK, maybe not THAT bad, but it is still annoying. Here's a list of topics that should probably NOT be restarted/revived/brought up unless there is something NEW AND INSIGHTFUL you have to contribute:

    WHAT CHARACTER DO YOU USE/IS THE BEST - It's not hard to discover a character's strengths and weaknesses. It merely takes a time investment into playing them for yourself. Don't let other players decide FOR you.

    POINTLESS POLLS - Myke closed the polling option for a reason, folks.

    I GOT TO "X" RANKING ON PS2 - Congratulations, we don't care.

    I WANT ONLINE VF4 - That's nice. We all do. Unfortunately, doing it would be incredibly difficult, and AM2 has even said so themselves. Don't hold your breath.

    IS VF4EVO COMING TO MULTIPLE PLATFORMS - Only if AM2 Makes It So. Don't trust any site that reports anything without official Sega confirmation. This goes doubly for anything reported on Magic Box.

    TEKKEN RIPPED X OFF FROM VF/VF RIPPED X OFF FROM TEKKEN - Nobody likes whiny fanboys, you know.

    VF NEEDS CG ENDINGS/STORY MODE - That's why they're busy making VF Quest.

    WHY ISN'T VF.NET OUTSIDE OF JAPAN - Quite simply, not as big a customer base and the extremely difficult process of setting up and maintaining it.

    HOW DO I DO AKIRA'S KNEE - Probably the most common gameplay-related question. If you search you can find many, many, MANY pieces of advice on this.

    <insert character name here> IS CHEAP/I HATE <character> - There are ways for any character to effectively handle an assault from another character. Try giving training mode a bit more practice. Don't whine that they are "cheap" just because you find a cetain move difficult to avoid - learn to deal with it.
    Another subset of this: <character> IS WEAK whining. Guys, if you're having difficulty in dealing with opponents or specific moves, just say "I'm having problems with this. Can anyone give advice?" Everyone gets annoyed when people post stuff like "I HATE <character> BLAH BLAH WHY DID AM2 MAKE MY FAVORITE CHARACTER SO WEAK WAHHH WAHH ... by the way, what's a good way to deal with my opponent's <insert technique here>?" Just get to the point.

    OH NO MY DATA GOT CORRUPTED HOW CAN I GET IT BACK!?!?! You that message that appears in pretty much EVERY PS2 GAME that tells you NOT to remove your memory cards or shut off the power while you're saving? It's there for a reason. And yes, if you do it in other games, it can screw up your PS2 VF4 data. Just don't be retarded and your data will be fine.

    I AM THE BEST/I COULD BEAT TOP JAPANESE OR KOREAN PLAYERS - Okay, this one doesn't come up much, but is supremely irritating when it does. Posts like his are usually from PS2-playing 16-year-olds who think wiping the floor with everyone in the neighborhood makes them TEH BEST PLAYER EVAR. Any attempt to dispel these illusions of grandeur will be met by "Yeah, but Chibita wouldn't win under HOUSE RULES!" or something equally asinine. The bad news is, these guys are pretty hopeless. The good news is, they will probably get sidetracked by Soul Calibur 2 and forget about VF4 altogether because YOU CAN PLAY AS SPAWN AND HE RULEZ OMG LOLOLLOLOLLL!!!111

    ONE LINER POSTS LIKE "I AGREE" or "I UNDERSTAND" - I'm not talking about anyone SPECIFIC here. Of course I'm not. Really. *whistles*
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    Some others:

    NOOB NEEDS GENERAL HELP WITH ____ - General help with a character usually means you just need to learn the basics of the game.
    1. Go through the PS2 version C trial training.
    2. Go through Evo trial training on your PS2 also.
    3. Go through command training so you know what every move does.
    4. Click home on this site, go to your character's section on the left side, and then read everything in there.
    5. Go to the forum and click Search, and read stuff related to your character. A search for keywords like "tactics" and "strategy" plus your character's name usually works great.
    6. If all of that fails, you can post. If you feel your question might be lame for whatever reason, I never turn away private messages. Or you can ask on irc (though don't be surprised if anyone gives you "use the search")

    Where can I download some ___ movies? - there are literally about 50 gigs of video that have been released related to JUST VF4. There are combo movies for every character. There are 2 major korean sites that mirror older media and a dozen japanese sites that put new movies up on a near-daily basis. Please just download something new, get something old from the korean sites, or visit CreeD on irc for movies.

    Which area/group/country is the best? - This is trolling usually, but some people ask it because they honestly are curious and don't realize it's been discussed on this board 219482989123 times ... usually this sort of question results in pointless flaming. It's best to watch the clips out there and read what others have said in the past.

    What joystick do you like? - there has been so much posted about joysticks in the console board that it makes me want to stab someone in the face.

    Where can I import the game / get a mod / which mod is best / etc - This has been discussed in console as well. Use the search.

    Where can I download PS2 vf4, evo, or VF2 for the PC? - this one isn't asked much, thankfully, but if it ever is... VFDC isn't going to support pirating the game we love. I can understand VF2 for the PC since it's not sold at the local mall... but VF4 and evo are a different matter. Please do your own research and if you find sites, don't post them here.

    Some random reply to a topic that died six months ago! - I see this a lot, replies to long dead threads. It just makes people say "wtf" and move on. Unless you have something spectacularly new and interesting to add to a dead topic, then don't...

    Repeats of what someone else already said - If someone asks a question, and it's answered well and thoroughly... you shouldn't reply unless you have something new to add. This is especially true of very specific questions like "how do you do akira's knee?" ... there should only be one reply to that type of question, maybe 2 if someone felt the original poster could have been clearer. Five or six posts that say the exact same thing is just asinine.

    That's it off the top of my head. I thought it'd be a good idea to lock and sticky this thread.

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