Complete translated Version C changes for AOI

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    Continuing from the earlier translations, here's the translated list of changes in Version C for Aoi.

    FAA = Frame Advantage Adjusted (frame rate for the move has been changed, actual Japanese translation is Freeze Frame Difference Fixed).

    d+K = linear attack (easier to dodge now)
    P,P,f+P,P = 3rd & 4th hit are half-rotation moves now (can dodge to Aoi's backside)
    f(hold)+P = FAA, similar to P now
    f+P,P = FAA, both players frozen longer, easier to counterattack Aoi when move is blocked
    f+K = FAA, both players frozen longer, easier to counter when blocked (but no guaranteed hit)
    b,b+P+K = FAA, both sides frozen longer, easier to counter Aoi when blocked
    b,b+P = Aoi bugstep removed (move cancel failure between the b,b+P and u or d+P+K dodge)

    turn-toward d+P = FAA, Aoi loses initiative when this move is blocked, Aoi's frame advantage when this move hits as a counter is reduced as well
    turn-toward d+K = linear attack (easier to dodge now)

    f+K+G, P = the second hit is slower and can be interrupted by punches of heavyweights
    f+P+K, P = if blocked, can be counterattacked
    b, d/f+P = is throw-counterable when blocked now
    b,f+P+K = linear attack (easier to dodge now), causes crumple stun on normal hit

    d/f+P+G = opponent on ground for shorter time afterwards
    FC, f+P+G = opponent on ground for longer time afterwards
    b,f+P, P+G = timing for hit-throw has been made easier to connect

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