Complete translated Version C changes for SHUN

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  1. Moby

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    Translated list of changes in Version C for Shun Di!

    FAA = Frame Advantage Adjusted (frame rate for the move has been changed, actual Japanese translation is Freeze Frame Difference Fixed).

    PP = damage -1 to 12
    d/f+P,P = damage -1 to 17
    f,f+K = damage -8 to 21
    ub+K = damage -5 to 25
    u/f+K = damage -5 to 25
    b,b+K = damage -5 to 25
    f+P+K = damage -5 to 25
    db+P,K = first hit is a linear attack, second hit is a full-rotation attack
    db+P+K,P = dodge modifier, sabaki modifier, can be dodged to Shun's back
    b+P = damage -3 to 21, FAA, Shun loses frames
    b,f+P,P,P = linear attack (easier to dodge now)
    K,K,d+P = 3rd & 4th hit dodgable to Shun's back now
    d+K = linear attack (easier to dodge now)
    f+K = FAA, less recovery time for Shun when blocked
    K+G = damage -5 to 25
    K+G, P = linear attack (easier to dodge now)
    f+K+G = damage -5 to 20, FAA, increased recovery time for Shun when blocked
    u+K+G = damage -8 to 20, FAA, increased recovery time when blocked, air-hit modifier during execution phase of move removed (details not specified)

    d/b or u/b + P+K+G, P = damage -3 to 17, FAA, increased recovery time
    d or u+P+K+G = now allows Shun to dodge linear attacks easier

    d/f+P+G = opponent can hit the wall if throw is escaped
    backturned P+G = damage +10 to 50
    d,f,u,b (or u,f,d,b)+P+G = escaping this throw is now properly set to b+P+G in all cases

    P = half-rotation move, damage -3 to 21, recovery time increased greatly

    K = damage -1 to 17
    K,P = damage +3 to 13, hits high, K combos into P if it hits
    K,P,K = damage -4 to 20
    K,P,d+K,K = damage -5 to 15

    K = damage -5 to 25
    P+G = wall hit (extra damage and frozen time) of throw removed

    Overall, I'm surprised at how many of Shun's moves have been reduced in damage (although none by a great margin). Guess he similarly overpowered to Vanessa from Sega's perspective, with respect to the changes they've received in Version C.
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    I guess the many that think Shun is a power house in Ver B were correct. At least the guys at AM2 also agree... =) Skimming thru the above, the only things that were improved are the back exposed throw and his dodge attack /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif

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