Complete Translated Version C changes for VANESSA

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    I know some attempts at translating Japanese lists of the VersionC changes have been posted, but here is a complete translation of ALL the changes for Vanessa. She has had the MOST number of changes, totalling 45 (Akira the least at 12).

    FAA = Frame Advantage Adjusted (frame rate for the move has been changed, actual Japanese translation is Freeze Frame Difference Fixed).

    sober x = reduces x drinking points from Shun

    linear/spinning attack = linear means dodgable, spinning means hits dodgers

    d+K,P = damage = 10
    d+K,P,P = low attack interruption removed, sober 1, damage 10
    P+K = FAA
    P+K,P = damage 12, sober 1, delayable
    df+P+K = damage 23, frame advantage adjusted
    b,b+K+G = crumple stun on hit, FAA, no retaliation on block

    P, df+P = sober 1, SE changed
    f+P = sober 1
    df+P = FAA, equal when blocked
    df+P,P = sober 1, crumple stun on counterhit, FAA
    db+P = sabaki time increased, in sabaki state instantly
    FC+P = damage 18
    ff+P,P = FAA, equal on normal hit
    df+K = can be performed from full crouch
    b,f+K = sabaki timing decreased, FAA, damage 20
    b,f+K,P = sober 1
    d+P+K = sober 1
    b, df+P+K = instant sabaki, registers as crouch
    b,f,P+K,P = spinning attack
    f,f,+K+G = now linear attack
    f,f,+K+G, F+P+G = damage 37
    G, D+P = spinning attack
    G,df+P, or uf+P = head crumple on hit, SE changed
    backturned K = now linear attack
    backturned P+K = head crumple on hit
    backturned df+K = changed to mid hit, now linear attack
    backturned P = spinning attack
    df,df+P+G = damage now 58
    f,d+P+G = damage now 53
    HCF+P+G = downtime of enemy on ground after throw reduced

    d+P = FAA (uncounterable when blocked), now early sabaki
    f+P,P,K = FAA, throw counterable when blocked now
    b,f+P,P,P,K = delayable till 3rd hit, FAA, throw counterable when blocked now
    d+K,P = damage 20
    d+K,P,P = changed to high hit, sober 1, damage 10
    d+K,P,K = FAA, throw counterable when blocked, damage 15
    b,f+k,K = FAA
    f,f+K,d+K = special low (can hit OTB and possibly on ground now)
    K,K = no longer special high, damage 12
    K,K,P = 10
    K,K,P,P = 10
    K,K,P,K = FAA, throw counterable when blocked
    P+K,P,K = true combo when second hit is a major counter, damage 15, FAA, throw counterable when blocked
    f,f,+P+K,P,P = when stopped on 1st or 2nd hit no disadvantage. 3rd hit is now a spinning attack, and knockdowns on a normal hit
    P+G = sober 1
    f+P+G = sober 1

    That's about it... more characters to come. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
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    Awesome posting!
  3. Chanchai

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    Moby, thanks a lot for doing this (to you and whoever might be helping you in this too, of course)!!!

    Much appreciated and keep up the good work.


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