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  1. ktj

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    This information is from a Japanese magazine. Currently, they have not revealed (or even know?) some of the unlocking conditions.

    Disgrace items have been talked about before. Certain conditions must be met to receive them and they're stuck on until certain conditions are met to take them off. Once taken off, some can kept as normal items. (losing 10 matches in a row, losing multiple excellent rounds, getting hit by lots of dodge attacks, getting side thrown alot, getting MCed, getting your throw escaped) The conditions for remove them are usually the opposite. (winning a few matches in a row ... getting all 3 rounds excellent, not getting hit by dodge attacks)

    1) most items can be won off the same character in kumite. (the same item can usually be won from meeting certain conditions below)
    2) many items cannot be obtained until 2-dan.
    3) escaping throws.
    4) ring out wins (multiple, all rounds, etc)
    5) excellent wins (try all rounds excellent also)
    6) getting hit by Sarah's 270 throw multiple times (most characters will get something for this)
    7) using lots of dodge attacks
    8) side throw a lot
    9) getting a win streak (5, 10 etc), getting 100 wins
    10) obtain all the spheres (mutliple times)
    11) MC opponents a lot in a match
    12) sometimes, you have to be wearing a certain item and fulfilling a condition at the same time
    13) sometimes, you have be using either 1P or 2P colour
    14) fulfilling certain (difficult) combo (one for Sarak involved 2x(df+p, k) followed by flipkick in a float against a wall)
    15) Vanessa had one where she had to be on a certain stage with a certain win streak

    that's all I remember for now

    So, get to 2-dan and try them out these conditions in versus mode if you want collect them the easy way.
  2. ken

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    i've done 3 perfects vs computer in Kumite several times... Didn't get anything at all for it..
  3. ktj

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    You've probably received the item for that condition already ... by winning it from a kumite opponent carrying the item. Once you win the item, you cannot win again. And you cannot repeat the condition to win other items. (each item is specific to one condition and vice versa) (except for collecting the spheres)

    Remember that some conditions require your character to be atleast 2nd dan.
  4. Shundi_05

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    I believe u r right cos my Shundi 100wins never get me any stuff at all. Probably it would be better that we have a "item" book around so we can actually know whether we have a complete set of items or ???. Anyway it there such a book? /versus/images/icons/smile.gif /versus/images/icons/frown.gif /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  5. ktj

    ktj Member

    Some new info that I got from the "softbank" guide that came out this week. (with Akira on the cover)

    In kumite after reaching meijin level or above, (ie. above monarch) you'll start getting challenged by "special" opponents who are named after famous players in Japan. (Shinjuku Jacky, BunBunMaru, etc). These are guys that will also give you spheres (i believe). After defeating all of them, (about 20), you'll get chanllenged by Dural.

    If you beat Dural, you can use her in VS mode.

    After you beat her and get a 30 win streak ... you'll be challenged by super opponents ... of which there are only two ... Kyasao and Chibita. The guide didn't say what you get for beating them. (probably nothing)

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