Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by HoodedFreak, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. HoodedFreak

    HoodedFreak Member

    I just lost a match to a 1st dan lei fei. the very next match was a ranking match? i thought i had to win against 5 1st dans (i am 1st dan) to get to a ranking match? and also if i win the ranking match, i should be a 2nd dan, right? i won a ranking match a while ago and was still 1st dan.
  2. realdeal77

    realdeal77 Member

    The ranking match could have been for the computer character. Look at the bottom corners of your screen.
  3. RED

    RED Member

    yeah, sometimes the ranking match can be for the other character (CPU) or even a demotion match for you,
    so if you lose you go down in rank

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