Confusion regarding Tetsujin's & the GrandMasters tournament

Discussion in 'General' started by Dybdal, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Hey everyone.
    Im abit confused regarding the original Japanese Tetsujin's from the 90s and im hoping someone on here can clear that up for me.

    I've been researching the history of Virtua Fighter for a Fighting Game Tournament Video database, that im in the 2nd year of working on and i've hit a point where i have multiple conflicting information regarding how and when the original Tetsujin titles were awarded.

    Here's the information i have currently:
    1.) / History / The 2nd Athena Cup (section google translated below)
    "Also, 5 people who got the title of SEGA authorized · ironman (Ikebukuro Sarah, Kashiwa Jeffrey, Bunbun Maru, KK Yukikaze, Kasa Husband) all participating high-level competitions."

    2.) Virtua Kazama's Community Blog on Destructoid: What Makes VF2 Iconic (Virtua Fighter Month)
    "VF2 is the first 3D fighting game to have its own tournament since 1994. The Athena Cup was a one-of-a-kind tournament that brought out the competitive side of the game. It was so big, that even the SEGA AM2 officials appeared at the second tournament and awarded the Tetsujin titles to the first five players at the tournament: Ikebukuro Sarah, Kashiwa Jeffry, K.K. Yukikaze, Kyasa Otto, and BunBunMaru."

    3.) / Virtua Fighter Chronology
    "6 players are awarded the title of ‘Tetsujin’ (Ironman)
    Shinjuku Jacky, Ikebukuro Sarah, Kyasao, Bunbun-Maru, Kashiwa Jeffry and K.K. Yukikaze are officially recognized as Sega Tetsujin, and become revered amongst Virtua Fighter players."

    4.) GamesMaster Season 6- Episode ? - Tetsujin Challenge

    TLDR: Talks about an "Ironman initiation" of beating 90 out of 100 players and the 5 players who completed said challenge got awarded with the tile of "Tetsujin"

    5.) GamesMaster Season 6- Episode ? - Tetsujin Challenge
    TLDR Mentions a "GrandMasters Tournament and shows footage from that tournament, that i've so far been unable to locate or find any other mention of anywhere else.

    Summery of the conflicting information:
    1.) States: 5 Tetsujins Showed up at Athena Cup 2 (1995/03/21) (already awarded the title of Tetsujin by Sega of Japan before entering the tournament)
    2.) States: 5 Tetsujin titles was awarded at Athena Cup 2 (1995/03/21) (by attending Sega of Japan staff)
    3.) States: 6 Tetsujin titles was awarded (by Sega of Japan staff in 1995)
    4.) States: 5 Tetsujin titles was awarded (by Sega of Japan staff in 1995) to the 5 players capable of completing "The Ironman Initiation" without going into detail about it happening in an offical capacity (at a Sega held event) or if it happend organicly at an Arcade, in the same way Daigo's 100+ winning streak in Vampire Hunter happend during the 90's.
    5.) States: Talks about a "GrandMasters" tournament that was televised (and shows footage from that tournament) but im unable to find any information regarding it, or if its related to the selection of the Tetsujin titles in any way.

    If anyone knows something that could help clear up some of my confusion regarding this, that would be most helpful.
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    Forgot to add this:


    Segment about Tetsujins from VF 10th DVD but since i can't understand Japanese, i cant make much sense of it.
    Judging from the horrible auto translated closed captions on youtube and the footage being shown from Maximum Battle, it would seem the titles were awarded or relinquished at VF2: Maximum Battle that ZAN'ANI (AK) won.
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    Guess its time for alittle update.
    Found footage of both events mentioned in the Tetsujin Challenge video.

    "The GameMasters Tournament" turned out to be "Virtua Fighter K-1 Grand Prix 2"
    A follow up to "Virtua Fighter K-1 Grand Prix" a pre-release event for Virtua Fighter 2 hosted on Japanese TV (what TV channel it was on, i've still been unable to figure out)
    *havnt found a youtube version of K-1 Grand Prix 2 and i havnt uploaded it my self (yet)"
    K-1 Grand Prix 2 was a 4 man tournament of the "at that time" remaining Tetsujins to determain who would challenge BunBunMaru on a live TV show, that Kyasao won.

    The "Iron-Man challenges" was indeed held by Sega but AFTER the they had been awarded the titles of Tetsujins by SEGA, also mentioned in the article HERE, so far i found footage of Ikebukuro Sarah's kumite held in Tokyo "June/26th 1995" but non of the others.
    "The reason i now know for a fact that this information is solid, is finding footage from Japanese TV using the term "Tetsujins" prior to Ikebukuro Sarah's kumite taking place"

    The confusion regarding the number of Tetsujins turned out to be:
    5 titles awarded Initialy by SEGA with the 6th awarded at a later date.

    Only mystery that remains .. is when it happend.
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