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    The way I see it, so far technology has progressed in phases between consoles and PC's but the arcade has always been the most advanced.

    Since the playstation I would see it like this,

    Playstation & Saturn days the PC pulled ahead (introducing Voodoo 1 & 2, and 2 SLI)
    The the DC came out and destroyed all PC graphics, and now we have PS2.
    Now since Geforce 2 &3 the PC is beginning to pull ahead
    When X-Box comes out it will even out, since many of the games will have shared PC and X-Box launches.
    Then the console will pull ahead, then the PC will pull ahead.

    I think when a console comes out its a massive jump in technology. when new PC technology comes out its a slow but steady type of progression. Like during the life of one console PC gamers go through 2 or 3 video cards, nearly one every year to year and a half, so its natural that PC games will pull ahead. When unreal came out on PC it destroyed everything that the current playstaion could do. In a year or two we should see games that will beat out a PS2 polygon wise since the hardware will be closer to an X-box, then when a geforce 4 or whatever technology comes out it will replace the X-Box as having the highest polygon count in games.

    In terms of Hardware before PS2, arcades have always had the luxury of consistently having the most powerful hardware platform for games. When Playstation came out it had a custom designed arcade version with more texture memory etc. when Model 3 came out it destroyed everything that could be done console and PC wise. When DC came out, Naomi came out and was the most advanced arcade hardware. When PS2 came out they are now going to design a PS2 arcade version. But now that X-Box and geforce 3 are around the arcade for once may fall behind, and if the PS2 arcade hardware never materializes then the arcade advantage may finally be over. Maybe we will see specialized versions of VF like the SF series which has come out on every single console and versions for nearly all arcade platforms.


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