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  1. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    hey, im back again and i need to know something

    when ever i get out of a throw from my opponent in vf3, it only seems to be the basic throws (P+G)

    is there a different way you have to get out of other throws??

    please reply soon

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  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Go to Gamefaqs and read up on the VF3 general faq (as always, I recommend the GLC written one) or CreeD's Throw Faq. Both will have good information (vital information) on the types of throws in VF and the systems that revolve around them. Not all throws are escapable. However, just about every direct throw is escapable. I'd type the details here, but I think I should leave incentive for you to read the appropriate sections of the faqs I mentioned above, it's very good reading.

    As for simply throw escapes, the basic rule for escape is the last direction input plus P+G (for high throws) or P+K+G (for low throws). For instance, Akira's RBC (Reverse Body Check) is performed b, df+P+G. To escape it, you must enter basically the last input of the throw, df+P+G. High throws use P+G and low throws use P+K+G. Against Aoi's only low throw, d+P+K+G, you escape it by pressing d+P+K+G.

    The only exception to this rule (aside from special case throws--read the faq to learn the types of throws) are half circle inputs which are escaped by the first direction of the input followed by the last direction of the input. Wolf's GS (Giant Swing) being a half circle forward + P+G is escaped by: b, f+P+G.

    There's your basic information. If you have a human opponent, more likely than not they will have a favorite throw, figure out the times they tend to throw you and with their favorite throw to practice some throw escapes. Against intermediates and above, they will usually go for a certain set of throws per character and most will go for throws in "guaranteed" situations. With time and experience, you'll probably learn quite a bit of these.

    There is also Option Select, but I won't write much on it except that I advise you DO NOT worry about it until you are consistently escaping throws you intend to escape. The key word is "intend."


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