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  1. newuser

    newuser Member

    what is the different between counter and Major Counter?
    and what is the meaning of counter throw?
  2. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    read the faq, it's the "sticky" post up top
  3. marcel

    marcel Well-Known Member

    As I had to learn the hard way, this forum isn't for questions, quotes and useless trivia, it is for dicussing stradegies and moves. Sorry new user, don't mean to give a new guy the cold sholder but the truth hurts, plus we have talked about that 1,000,000,000,000,000 times. I think that is what the guy who posted before me meant, just in fewer words. Sorry to bash ya but believe me, I'm saving you a lot o dissapointment down the road.
  4. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    marcel, quit spamming the board with useless posts. That's 7 in a row now.
  5. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    well you saw all the "read the faq" posts but what the heck, the answer to your question:

    A major counter is when your attack interrupts the opponent's attack, meaning your opponent started to attack and stuffed it before the move came all the way out.

    A minor counter is when someone is finished attacking and you strike them back before they can block. Every move has recovery time and some are easier to punish than others. In most cases if you block your opponent's knee, you can minor counter with a throw before they can do anything like an attack. If you block jacky's kickflip, you can minor counter with a punch before jacky has landed.

    Some people call reversals counters, but this is confusing. In VF counter always means using an attack (or a throw in the second example). Reversals are the special commands you can use to grab someone's punch or kick (b+P+K, d/b+P+K, and d+P+K are all typical reversal commands).
  6. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    New user wanted an answer.
    Two were given

    One directed him to read the FAQ..which strangely enuff many ppl have a tendency to simply overlook

    The second reply basically saved him the trouble n explained it to him.

    Who said the board isn't meant for questions? As long as the question is VF gameplay related...more than likely it will be answered in one way or the other.

    What the board isn't meant for are ur constant spams.
    Stop acting as if u've been treated unfairly.
  7. MrWhite

    MrWhite Well-Known Member

    Speaking of counter, finally found a move which counters Akira's non-delayed rising kicks -> Aoi has a low TT kick in which she kinda donkey kicks while having hands on floor ( TT heel cut ? ). Worked well on high rising Aki kick.
  8. LAU Abuser

    LAU Abuser Well-Known Member

    I've got a question and need your kind reply (",)...

    Lau's d/b+P+K and d+P+K are quite ineffective (seems to me). Its slow and does little damage. Any comments pls?

    I've denied Jeffrey's TKOD several times... My opponent is very competent in TKOD. I denied it by simply crouch and do nothing (not even touching the 'G'). Advice pls?

    Thanks for your time.
  9. LittleWild

    LittleWild Well-Known Member

    You cannot deny a TKOD. It is a hit throw.
    You friend probably did d+K and then d/f,d/f +P+G

    Rather than crouching, you might as well input d/f+P+G to escape and see if it is the real TKOD.
  10. Enkindu

    Enkindu Well-Known Member

    Do you mean that you don't get hit by the toe kick, Lau Abuser? Or do you get hit by the kick but not the crucifix powerbomb? In any case the TOKD can only be preformed on counter. So you have to be in a move, or after a move while getting hit by the toekick in order for the crucifix powerbomb to come out fluid, thus completing the TKoD. If you're just crouching and getting hit by just the toekick and nothing else after that it could be why you're denying your friends content with getting the TKoD by just crouching. Or you're just getting hit by a Toekick and a low throw powerbomb. Pretty slick of you if it works that way. My opinion.
  11. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    actually you can "deny" the TKoD. Just like you could in *every* VF installment. TKoD is the easiest hit throw to beat in the world. You can crouch, just like LAUabuser said he did, hop or throw out an attack. Dash back and forth and you get thrown. The best part about the Toekick is not the "doom" part but the options after. Shroud has effectively low thrown me simply by taping d+K, d,df,f+P+K+G anticipating my crouch.

    And the toe kick does not need a counter, it works just as well off of a natural hit.

    In VF2, Kashiwa Jeffery used the toekick as a set up, alternating between his options, keeping the opponent guessing.

  12. Enkindu

    Enkindu Well-Known Member

    The toekick must stun for the crucifix powerbomb to connect if I'm not mistaken. The TKoD is a complete move. Anticipation is a mind game.
  13. alucard

    alucard Well-Known Member

    "Lau's d/b+P+K and d+P+K are quite ineffective (seems to me). Its slow and does little damage. Any comments pls?"

    Its one of Lau's staple moves in VF4, it "crushes" low punches/punches and forces opponent to crouch when it connects.
  14. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    you are mistaken. The toe kick does not need a counter at all. Just like in every other version of the game it operates fine off of a natural hit. I have been assured(info culled from the black book) that the timing changes depending on a counter hit or not but that the result is the same. There are no conditions for success save that of an opponent that stands still.

    And for the sake of clarity the powerbomb is his lowthrow.

  15. Enkindu

    Enkindu Well-Known Member

    [[[[Its one of Lau's staple moves in VF4, it "crushes" low punches/punches and forces opponent to crouch when it connects. ]]]]

    Do you have enough time to connect with d/f+p+k after d+p+k?
  16. LAU Abuser

    LAU Abuser Well-Known Member

    In VF3, TKOD can be evaded or even backfired by punches. I myself can perform TKOD with ease. Not a fake toekick wif splash mountain. I need advice from someone who had done research and homework to comment tat's why my mail was actually directed to Mr Bungle.

    First of all, i only agree VF2 TKOD bcos at version2 throws r not escapable and TKOD seemed flkawless, only for P+Gs and Jeffrey's b,P+G.

    In VF3, i denied TKOD by punches. In version3 TKOD can be excuted in a wider time frame (Immediate or pause for awhile). The immediate 'CANNOT' be escaped but the latter can. Most VF3 Jeffrey players know this. That's why it is easier to do TKOD in VF3 and u will see many VF3 jeffrey players doing that with enjoyment but boredom sets in later...

    In VF4, TKOD has a stricter timing juz like Akira's Knee. We must agree. (Sounds enlightening huh?) How many Akiras can pull off his knee with confidence? Most of them use Shd ram bcose of this difficulty.

    This brings me to the pt that i'm not a starter although i'm new here.
  17. LAU Abuser

    LAU Abuser Well-Known Member

    Yes, opponents croach when being hit by toekick. This is pretty normal. A low throw would look brilliant. Consider this...

    1. Spinning Heelkick [b+P+K, K] or Triple body blows [d/f+P+K, P,P] wif Triple Knee Bash. They drain more than 1/2 life bar and they seem more threatening than TKOD.

    2. As for the fake TKOD, my friend wasn't doing that. I stood still for the Toekick and got hit in standing position. Went for an immediate croach after it. (u can try this out.) The 'doomed' Crufix piledriver did not happen.
    When on seperate occasion, i stood still and TKOD took place. Trust me, its the real TKOD [d+K,QCF+P+G].

    Try it out and reply.
  18. Enkindu

    Enkindu Well-Known Member

    Good post Lau Abuser.

    In VF3 I would knee more than shoulder ram. I did this because I sucked ass at crouch dashing. However in VF4 it seems much much easier to crouch dash which maybe why you see more people doing shoulder rams. Even though the knee floats higher. Think of the technicality of executing a knee, 2 shoulder rams, & then finishing it with a DLC as apposed to a, knee, yoho, d+p, then double palm. The latter combo seems easier to most, but the damage for the other one is really impressive and can change any situation during a match. Consistence is key with Akira. If you miss more than you connect with Akira he won't be half as intimidating as he should be. The big combos are what really makes Akira dangerous, but most don't have the skill to execute these things. if the buttons were correct on the machine I play on I think I could do the knee with confidence. I get it about 85 percent of the time anyway, but I never use it due to the frame rate after execution. The shoulder ram has less I believe.
  19. LAU Abuser

    LAU Abuser Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your professional support. Can't stand newbies reading info and accepting them like doctrine or watsoever.
  20. LAU Abuser

    LAU Abuser Well-Known Member

    I prefer Shd ram with double kicks. (easy and damaging and scary).
    DLC is for Ringout purposes. (Not much intimidating feeling after DLC...)

    Knee is a gamble for me. If it excutes well, tats good. If it don't, Akira will be in deep shit... Wat will your opponent think of a normal Kick? (I think it's 70% Throw time for him)


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