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  1. Chanchai

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    This goes back to the topic Doomboy brought about earlier.

    The way I see it, there are indeed many crossovers in VF3tb, but in a different way and they are situation specific...

    Type 1: Descending Jump Kick Crossovers
    Very unlikely but exist.

    Type 2: Opponent in the air crossovers
    You know the type, much like Kage's TFT stuff, but it's not really a practical crossover as much as it is simply a combo.

    Type 3: Uramawari
    It's a sort of crossover ain't it?

    Type 4: Getting behind your opponent
    This is as close to a crossover as I can think of and it's there... this is the type that is situation specific usually. Basically, opponent usually needs to attack or move in a certain way (evade, run, dash). In all honestly, in my lonesome training against the CPU (being away at college and all, with only one or two people who do play the game with me but we're always busy studying), I pull this type off A LOT against the CPU. I don't want to get into the specifics at the moment, it's something I've been experimenting with and it's a lot of fun and I prefer to see if I can pull this type of thing off against others well versed in VF. However, my weakness in this is picking the more appropriate ways to attack a TA opponent... Speaking of which, is Pai's evade unique in some way in tb? Seems I can crossover with her pretty well using the evade.

  2. AlexMD

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    Thanks for compiling this info Chanchai very in depth list :),Of these I think type 4 is of the most interest and is highly usefull against advancing moves like Lion's f+p,p actually I haven't tested with this move yet but I know I'd much prefer to get behind Lion and reverse his RO games than just to push him back slightly.Another example of this is Lion's f+P+E if you forward dash into it you can get to his back which may be hard to anticipate but maybe in his p canned combo?.There are other actions like specific attacks that also go through moves for example Aoi's DF,p could be treated as a close range sidekick counter as it goes behind specific sidekicks when executed at the same time.This is just the tip of the iceberg and I KNOW there are many more which I always forget to write down when they happen:(
  3. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    Type 3: Uramawari
    It's a sort of crossover ain't it?

    Not really no. I mean, certain varieties of Ura
    exist that will have you physically travel over
    your opponent's prone body (Pai's swallow kick)
    but the majority change the way in which the g
    game engine perceives your placement in the ring
    relative to your opponent. This is why they will
    rise with an attack that ends in the wrong
    direction. Done at the right time, the Ura will
    actually *force* the rising attack out the
    opposite direction it was starting in creating a
    really odd animation.


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