Discussion in 'Console' started by nosferatu, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. nosferatu

    nosferatu Member

    i got to chodan (first dan) and the opponents ARE FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT, the computer predicts your every move beforehand and counters it almost everytime. I HAVE NO SKILLZ AND IT'S FUCKING MAKING ME SO MAD. Finally got a little bit use to Akira and now I'm on a losing streak.. AAAAAAAAARHHHHHHHHH
    If anyone has gotten further, please gimme some pointers on how to improve, not just in kumite mode but in general Akira skills.
  2. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    The bad thing about playing the CPU, is that it's TOTALLY different from playing people... even good people. It's almost impossible to 'fake out' CPU players, it's sad to say. This is especially frustrating when you're trying to master Vanessa, & Aoi (and pretty much everyone with a low throw).

    YOu really just have to get used to what the CPU is going to do, which is different than what people do. The sad truth.
  3. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    nosferatu, who do you play?
    For ever character there's a dumb move the CPU will fall for over and over again.
    Like jeffry can do f+K+G all day. Kage can do u/f+K+G, PPb+P (repeat) all day. Vanessa can charge b,b+K+G, then do a low throw all day.

    The other strategy is to try to beat the CPU the way you might a repetitive human, but it really does cheat too much to allow for this. Still, doing the above tricks might put you to sleep, so other stuff to try that the computer falls for are d+P --> throw (mix up throws, the third time in a row you try the same throw the CPU will almost always escape)... and also try elbows and knees to see if you get a chance to stagger the CPU or float them for a combo. Open up rounds with your biggest combo-starting move because at the opening bell the CPU often falls for it (but never afterwards).

    Good luck.
  4. Typhoon

    Typhoon Well-Known Member

    I noticed the Vanessa 'glitch' myself. On a bb+k+g fully charged, the guard stagger guarantees a low throw, but it doesnt make sense. The stagger doesn't look like its recovering low and no other character I've tried can stagger-lowthrow like Vane can. Is this intentional or a little oopsie in the game?
    The CPU will also eat Guard Crush Tornado to f+pkk all day too.
    Ocassionally I whip out this cheeze to see if high ranking kumite fighters eat it and they almost always do. Wolf will reverse the leg charge on occassion but 90% of the time they all eat it. I have yet to try it on a High King, but Conquerers, Vanquishers, Subjugators etc. still suck it down.
    Anyone know if this is a glitch or if its due to the CPU failing to struggle?
  5. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    the vanessa low throw thing's a fluke, the CPU is foolishly programmed to crouch every time afterwards, but humans won't eat it.
  6. Typhoon

    Typhoon Well-Known Member

    The CPU doesnt fall for it in Free training though, which caught me by surprise. But then again the CPU seems to be far too aggressive on any setting higher than Action 2 and is hit MC almost all the time. Kind of a bummer because the free training Action mode really isn't very helpful in working out general technique... which is where it should be (an extension of Trial).

    I've caught a few decently experienced players with the low after guard stagger because I mix up my low throw with a ff+p+k tackle and they try to low jab me out of it. *sigh* So much more fun to mess with a human mind than abuse the CPU programming.
  7. SilentKnight

    SilentKnight Active Member

    hey CreeD, what move can jacky do all day? i need some cheap moves against the computer right about now.
  8. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Against the CPU...beatknuckle-->kick can used all day long with 90% success rate.

    Dun do it against human players though!
  9. YuniYoshi

    YuniYoshi Well-Known Member

    While we're at it, can I have some cheap moves for Lion?

    I know one thing that seems to work a lot when I get knocked down by a CPU is.

    My notation probably sucks.
  10. gribbly

    gribbly Well-Known Member

    All Lion's moves are cheap =]

    (joke... sort of...)

  11. thaininja

    thaininja Active Member

    beatknuckle doesn't work all the time....it works in the begining sometimes but if they block the beat knuckle you get punshed because i love to follow through with the punch kick combo..

    evade works every good....sometimes i can get a free round of just evade and pkg works most of the time but i dont use it and yes this game is hard....
  12. Kali

    Kali Well-Known Member

    CPU has problem with charged moves - on many occasions he will be standing and blocking (while you'll be charging to max level) instead of interrupting them. Take advantage of this!!!

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