Darkstalkers/Vampire Saviour fan discussion topic. :)

Discussion in 'General' started by beanboy, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    So a few weeks ago, after many years, I played Dark Stalkers aka Vampire Saviour, for the dreamcast. Moreso, on reicast emulator, for android. That game is alot of fun. And the characters in that game, are really diverse too.

    So any of you guys play, or are fans of Morrigan, Felicia and the Dark Stalkers crew?

    PS: Yeah, I know. Alot of gamers didn't know, that game was on the dreamcast console.
    And it even had online play too. For those who didn't know....it was called, Vampire Chronicles For Matchmaking Service. Yeah, I know that is a strange name, for a fighting game. Lol!:p
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  2. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    Okay. So I played Vampire Chronicles aka. Dark Stalkers, again the other day.
    I was trying out the character, called Lei Lei aka. Hsien Ko. She is really fun to play.:D

    But some of her button combination super moves, are hard to do sometimes.
    Eg. LK, HK, MP, MP, up
    Holy crap! That super move is hard to pull off, most of the time.:p
    But oddly enough, I am able to pull off, Morrigan's button combination super move, MP, LP, back, LK, MK with ease.
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  3. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    I beat it with Lilith a few days ago. She is fun to play.

    Then after midnight last night, I beat the game with Victor.
    Victor is a good character. Some of moves are weird, like his butt attack and his butt shocker moves. Yes, he attacks with his butt.:eek:
    He is like a fast Zangief in this game.

    But boy, that boss dude Jedah is cheap. Even on easy mode, Jedah is a super beast and you're in for a tough battle.
  4. Jason Elbow

    Jason Elbow Well-Known Member

    Jason ELBOW AKT
    Yeah i cant do that move either with Hsien Ko either. I play with Lord Raptor/ Zabel. Hes like a speedy Dhalsim in that game.
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  5. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    You play Raptor/Zabel? Interesting.
    Yeah, he is really fast. And I agree, he is kinda like a speedy Dhalsim too.
  6. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    I beat it with Victor a few times, the other day.
    I will admit, Victor is a really good character to play.
    Electric punches, electric kicks, dash in big head butt etc.
    But those butt attacks and his butt super are hilarious.:ROTFL:
  7. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    That fish man called Aulbath/Rikuo is cool.
    I beat the game with him, twice last week.

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