De"lei"able moves

Discussion in 'Lei' started by noodalls, Mar 12, 2014.

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    [P][P] 17
    [P][P][P] 34


    [6][P]+[K][P] 26/23/26
    [6][P]+[K][P][P] 47/x/41 (second hit CH)
    [6][P]+[K][P]26[P] 55/x/49





    [3][P]+[K][P] 29/22/24


    To explain what the numbers mean
    [4][P]+[K][P] 41/36/40
    this means that for [4][P]+[K][P], where the [4][P]+[K] part is input on frame 0, you have up until F41 to input the second [P]. Up until F36 on normal hit you will combo, and up until F40 on counter hit you will combo. Any later than that, and the second hit becomes blockable.
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  2. Chibitox

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    Any explanations on the notations, usefulness of that info ? :confused:

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