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Delaying strings

Discussion in 'Brad' started by tonyfamilia, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. tonyfamilia

    tonyfamilia Well-Known Member

    Most of you know about delaying strings and how good it can be to throw off opponents, make them freeze and interrupt strings to replace them with other attacks or throws.

    First I'll talk about Brad's delayable strings that lead to Clinch:

    For example, practice setting the CPU to block and counter with anything and do [4][P] (wait half a sec) [K] (CH) [P]+[G] Clinch

    The last attack of [K][P][K] can be delayed even longer than the last hit of [4][P][K] and it can also go into Clinch on CH.

    The last hit of [P][6][P][K] will also lead to Clinch on CH and it can be delayed the longest out of the aforementioned.

    The most delayable attack in Brad's arsenal is the second attack from PT's (Phase Turn) [P][P] It doesn't lead into Clinch but it does setup a nice sitation after the first [P] of that string is blocked (+3) to either finish the string or go for a throw.

    The last hit of all of these strings can be delayed and will launch:
    Long Ducking [K][K]
    All of the followups to [2][P]+[K] can be delayed and [6][P] launches

    The last [K] of [4][K]+[G][K] can be delayed and leads to Ducking/Slipping. Same applies to the last hit of [6][6][P]+[K][P] and on CH it gives a really good stagger.

    There's more which I will cover later.

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