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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Feb 5, 2000.

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    Hello there,

    I'm a beginner player trying to use Akira, and I have a question on how to do his DLC on the Dreamcast. This is the only move I just can't seem to do. I am using the standard DC pad, but I can pull off a SPoD about 50% of the time, but I have *NEVER* gotten the DLC to work.

    I used to play Megamix, and I could do the DLC no problem on that, but I think it must be much more forgiving than in TB...

    In examining my SPoD, I think my input is real sloppy, but it comes out anyways. For example, from 2p side:

    PKG 3
    r+PKG 4
    PKG 1
    d+PKG 1
    d/l 2
    d/l+K 1
    d/l+PK 6
    d/l+K 1
    (n) 2
    r 3
    r+P 7

    And this gets me a SPoD. Can anyone give me tips on how to correctly perform a DLC some example frames from a DLC?


  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Well... I guess the key thing is that you're using the standard pad. You should be proud for pulling off the SPoD on the pad (I could do it on Saturn but no way in heck on the DC) /images/icons/smile.gif... As for the DLC... The only tips I could give you would be on using the arcade stick. I'm just happy I have a sure success rate of pulling the thing off whenever I really want to. Anyways, the way I do it (and this is not on a pad but it may help, but I heavily advise you save up for an arcade stick or a worthy substitute):
    1)d/f+k+g, f+p, b (these three commands in succession ASAP)
    2)f, f+p+k
    Basically, this should all be done very fast and on the stick, it's become a natural motion after lots of practice. the reason I split up the body check is not to represent a delay, there isn't really a delay... it's to emphasize that you have to hit 'b' immediately after hitting f+p. This is explained on the Akira step 1 faq and somewhere on an IRC log file I have an explanation of the DLC and SPoD timings during motions. Anyways, I hope that helps you. I honestly don't think you can get a sure success rate on the d-pad but you might prove me wrong. However, I still strongly advise you to get an arcade stick.

  3. Myke

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    DLC on a Joypad? Well, unless you don't think having skin on your thumb is important then I guess it's achievable, but I'd seriously recommend getting yourself a joystick.

    As for advice, I think you couldn't go wrong with what Chanchai offered you. If you want a different take on the DLC then split up the motion into df+K+G,f+P (the easy part) and Bodycheck. All you have to practice is lightning quick Bodychecks (b,f,f+P+K), and then practice the lightning quick Bodychecks starting from Forward -- f, b, f, f+P+K. And of course, like anything, practice, rinse and repeat.

    Here's a sample of frame stats for a DLC:

    <pre><font face=courier>
    df+K+G 4
    d 2
    b 2
    f 2
    f+P 2
    P 2
    b 3
    f 2
    f 7
    f+P+K 1
    P+K 2
    P 1

    I don't think seeing a sample like that would help you much. What would help you more would be to analyse your own DLC frame stats to find out which area needs work. Good luck.

    m y k e
    how ya gonna win when ya ain't right within?
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    First of all, welcome to VF3tb's world!

    50% SPoD on regular pad!? Boy I wish this 50% is obtained in training mode after a deep breath, or you must be superman!

    Second of all, the stats of your input......... I can't believe DC will give you a SPoD when it hears these commands, LOL! When I started practicing Akira, sometimes I had my command "looked" much more clear than yours (well, certainly they weren't) but still no SPoD :(
    I guess the key is the neutral zone of the direction pad. In your stats there is neutral between r, dl and dl, r, plus you did not rush to input P+K until d/l is firmly achieved -- so I guess I can't say my DC was unfair to me, LOL!

    Nonetheless, if you really want to enjoy the fun of VF3tb as well as any other fighting games, a stick is a must.
    Good luck on DLC.
  5. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Wow indeed that a SPoD came out with those stats.

    Perhaps the DC is more lenient - It was my understanding that you could never overlap the PKG with b,df+P+K. coolio.

    <font color=white> Llanfair the prized <font color=green>cabbage</font color=green></font color=white>

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