Do u know the best players "Chun wang" in japan??

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Aug 22, 2001.

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    I saw the japanese magazine "Gamest" two years ago and have knew japanese best players called "Chun wang".

    For instance, "KasaO - kage player", "Bung Bung maru - wolf player", "Daimon rau - rau player" and so on..

    I can't see That magazine. because of not import it. and I don't have any chance to got it.

    If Whoever know it, plz tell me about them nowdays.........
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    Re: Do u know the best players "Chun wang" in japan??

    if you mean the tetsujin, they have mostly gone into retirement. I have only heard of kashiwa jeffry doing much lately. There is an article you might like though (if you can read japanese)
    which has most of the people you mentioned talking about VF and their celebrity status in japan.
    If you can't read Japanese, you can run it though a translator, but it's pretty rough.
    The one thing I remember gleaning from it is that one of the tetsujin spent like 10,000 bucks on VF and was not able to buy a car because of all the cash he spent on VF.

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    Re: Do u know the best players "Chun wang" in japan??

    thank a lot :)
    I can read Japnese, but This browser does not operate Japanese expression. only English.....

    hm.. anyway... oh....Kashiwa jeffry is alive! I have seen his play on video tape. Just Fantastic~ He could do various combination of jeffry Mcwild anyone could not ...think

    Good. but I am sorry about their retirement. I wanna see their unbelievable moving forever.though!

    I know another man..... "Shinjuku jacky", "Ekebukuro sahra",
    .....and.... I dont think any person's name...

    Ther r alive in my mind...with VF2....

    Good luck to all.

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