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    Yo, I am from the Maryland area, and, argh, why are people fuckin' slow? What I refer to is, they are not only slow, but also they have no patience, when it comes to playing Virtua Fighter,......
    I was watching a couple teens playing the game, and all they were doing was mashing the buttons, in the end, they said , this game sucks,......ARGH, man, wtf,...ah well, i went on to play it, and although i am a hardocore fan i am not even that good, but still, i know what this game is about, and that is why i stand by it.
    i had talked with my friend lately, telling him that i couldn't wait to purchase ps2 with vf3, and two arcade stick controllers, because honestly i could live with that and be happy until vf5 comes out,....
    i also told him that i hope he could come to appreciate it like i do, as i would try to teach him myself,...he was like,...i dunno,.....
    then i was like wtf??? i dunno why that pissed me off real bad.
    man, the majority of the american audience play and prefer tekken, or soul caliber, or dead or alive 2, heck, even bloody roar 3 over vf4/series. All of these games have very good qualities, but what sets vf4, and vf3,and 2, and heck even 1, apart from the above games, is the gameplay. There is no game, (tekken does have a high learning curve in terms of gameplay, but its not close), that has gameplay like that of the vf series, which makes a practically infinite replay value. Honestly, everytime my best friend and I have played vf, we have found something new happening each time. how good is that??? Heck, maybe im just a beginner, and if thats the case, it's all good, it just means that there is so much more for me to enjoy in the future when i get better like some of the people on this forum I assume, since I can't even relate with half of these abbreviations in the faqs you guys write.
    I give props to the developers of other games, as they do stand out in the game industry, but STILL.
    In Tekken, they have a wide variety of characters, and some have very distinct styles, and the super long combos are a challenge. Still, this game is a bit repetitive, they have characters with similar features, so its seems like a filler, rather than original. I also don't like the sound effects, sort of metal, or like trash cans hitting eachother. The VF games have also had a better quailty in terms of design compared to the Tekken games, in my opinion that is. This game is more fun to watch than play, and I really don't feel like I'm having fun at all when I play it.
    Soul Caliber is a fighting game with weapons. I'm sorry, this is a cool concept, but it isn't carried out well. This game is nothing but something for people to watch the fancy moves, just like Tekken, but with less strategy. I also don't feel excited playing this game either.
    Dead Or Alive 2, once again, is a visual game with no depth AT ALL! It's so simple, although this game has crazy graphics, it's not fun to play. They got the same move with two or three different names, I swear. Some moves don't even look too good. One move was called the A/X exchange. What the hell is that, the armani exchange???? it was so gay. i was laughing. why do they have the age option at all? just have them tits bouncing all the time if that is something that makes the game original, whatever. sorta goes to show what the gaming audience at least over here wanna see.
    I recently played bloody roar 3, and this game is very cool to look at, BUT ONCE AGAIN, not enough game play. At first i was watching this game and I saw some cool looking combos, and the whole tranforming thing is really cool. When I actually started playing it, I found the moves to be limited. They have one button supercombos, and I mean, its not fun after a while, so it goes in the same pile as the others.
    WHen I first started playing VF, I got frustrated that I couldn't do the cool moves I had seen other more advanced players do. I first learned little 2 button combos, learned about defense and cetain simple throws. From there is when really expanded, I started linking moves, thinking of strategy, things started clicking, I felt like, I was 'becoming' a better martial artist with whoever I was trying to learn at the time. My favorties are Lau and Jacky, Akira is way beyond my level at this point. I want to learn Jeffry now, since he looks bad as shit! Something about the VF style of gameplay, from my experinece, you can see the distince style, create streagy, learn gameplay for each character. Its like learing a martial art. YOu start with basics then work up to more advanced, get to know someone's style, see how other people use different characters, and that is what I feel when I learn playing VF. It is done in other 3-D gamies, but not well at all, excpet MAYBE tekken. DAMMIT, VF is so good. Why do you people not play it , or even hate it? Man, fuck that once again, shieettttt
    Once again I am throwing my random vf thougts on this board, I should register soon, since I find myself a regular reading posts. I hope people can give feedback. I don't apologize if I made grammar mistakes, if i hate on a certain game in the wrong way, or made wrong allegations, and if i did, please tell me. i don't apologize because most of this is spontaneous, and I am willing to listen and respond.

    in another thought, anyone out there like vf kids when it came out for saturn, i did, and i wish they made it again~ DAYM!

    another thing, i wish ryo from shenmue was is vf as a secret character, but they would have to add someore to make his style more complete.

    anotherthing, what styles do you guys want to see in the future, when vf5 comes out, and it WILL come out, or else ill be playing vf4 for a long, which i dont mind. these are my requests to am2 for styles

    monkey style( although it would seem similar to mantis)
    thai boxing (not sure of the depth of the style)
    bring back taka and bring him back better, haha.
    white eyebrow style

    that;s about it,...... feedback please
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    in the story of my firned and i, i meant i can't wait to get vf4, not vf3! please bring shenmue 3 to ps2 as well, since i don't wanna have to buy xbox.
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    Ahhhhhh much better than that last post u made. Try to be civil more often. Oh and if u try a new character, send me a message and I will tell u some of that character's moves.
    (i have vf2 only)
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    Yes, more people seem to like other games better, like DOA2 for e.g. Or Tekken. Other 3D fighting games. 'Cos somehow they seem to think that these games are in a way "easier". And maybe they're right, 'cos up till today I _still_ can't do a crouch dash. :-(

    But the only fighting game which REALLY makes sense (cos it is based on the concept of time frames) is VF3. It's more technical (e.g. major counter, moderated air combo, etc) and it doesn't have any major FLAWS, which players of other games just can't seem to understand. My bf calls DOA2 a "nonsense" game 'cos there're just so many flaws in it...

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    Vf Fan. I can totally emphasize with you, and understand your plight. Living In London, All things Tekken are considered "cool" most of my piers haven't even played VF and those who have said it was crap because it wasn't Tekken ... Go figure. But, saying this, there is a hardcore if small pocket of VFer's for lack of a better term who play this game like a religion. I feel your comments on the other games were heart felt so i'll make no judgement there. It's just a shame that too little people in the West have the balls to persevere with what is in my opinion the most in depth and rewarding game in creation.

    I salute you.


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