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    In some Hong Kong game magazine,

    there's some new move for the characters in VF4,

    I don't know where they find it,

    but for your interest, they make me think of Soul Calibur more and more....

    Akira : f,b+P+G --> f,u(8-way run) --> P+K [iron montain]

    AOi : d/f+P+K+G [new low throw that you see in the movie]

    Sarah: high kick -->(go into a high kick stance that can be follow up by a low kick(d+K) or a neck-hanging throw(P+G)]...some what like Jenny in Bloody Roar

    Kage: also have a special stance now, that can shift fast to the opp 's side or a reversal-base stance

    wolf: have a low-punch reversal to pull the foe stumble forward and open for his attack on opp back

    Hope you are interested in.


    P.S. do you know where are these info from>>>????

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