Do you think the comp sometime cheats? (No trolling)

Discussion in 'Console' started by MrNeoSandman, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. MrNeoSandman

    MrNeoSandman Member

    Cause I can;t count the times I've been trown during an attack(No, I can tell the difference between a throw and a reversal, and if Sarah and Shun Di does it, well...) or just when I'm about to win the third round in a row or do a oerfect, the comp freaks and starts mahing buttons and almost takes me out since, I don't manage to interupt them for some reason, my guess is the guys that made these characters in the arcades where used to mashing buttons like that.]

    Does it happen to anyone else?
  2. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    well yah it cheats... it isn't artificial intelligence when it escapes five throws in a row. That's why it's time to move on to human opponents... you'll have more fun.
  3. MrNeoSandman

    MrNeoSandman Member

    Yes, especially when it breaks throws like that and beats you with nothing but reversals, you'd have to be psychic...
  4. Nemesis02

    Nemesis02 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it fights pretty cheap
  5. Vicious666

    Vicious666 Well-Known Member

    I just think it's weird when you are in a Ranking Match, a character will play against you flawlessly, just constantly blocking everything and pummelling you with insane combos until you lose. then 2 matches later, you fight the same character in a non-ranking match, and trounce them easily.
  6. Munki

    Munki Member

    I agree it cheats, but then again, it also is amazingly stupid at the same time.

    For example; The AI (at least at 5th - 10th dan, the guys I am fighting right now) just can't deal with Shun's LD stance. If I am losing, I usually jump back, start guzzlin' sake, then once I am at 10DP (which is usually after the first or second time I go into LD) I can do his K, P, d+K, K combo, and that gets em every time. Drop to the floor, drink, and repeat until victory.

    The throw thing is almost comical. It almost appears that I can do the same throw effectively against the AI 2 - 3 times per match. Then, no matter if I mix it up or anything, they ALWAYS counter after that point. But if I start doing another throw, then I get another 2 - 3 goes before they counter that one too.

    Still, I think the AI is generally better than other Fighting games out there (at least at this point). I don't feel that the AI cheats ALL the time, just some of the time.

  7. Typhoon

    Typhoon Well-Known Member

    Cheat? No. Take advantage of processing information at a rate faster than the human mind? Yes.
    As any manual or review will probably tell you, the CPU AI learns during a fight. They can have predictable patterns and responses in the first round, but expect them to learn your technique just as fast as you pick up on theirs.
    Using the same throw excessively will eventually result in them breaking it. If they dont break it it's usually because you busted it out at a different time than it expected. Likewise they will break several different throws in succession if you continually go for a throw after a certain flow. They know the throw is coming and step up their defense using multi-throw breaks.
    If you find yourself being dropped by a reversal crazy Aoi, you are either in HIGH ranking kumite (where she just knows what moves look like) or, more likely, you abuse a combo or react predictably.
    Go grab a happy flowchart. Go use it against high Dan Aoi or even Akira. Abuse the flow. It will probably win you the first fight and barely win you the second. By the third round you will be reversed until you feel the AI is cheating... but it really isn't... it's caught on to you... learned so to speak.
    I've also noticed the AI abuse canned combos until I go reveral happy myself. After 2 or 3 shaming displays of their stupidity the CPU started cutting short their combos and throwing me, just to cheeze me off.
    In summation... learn from your mistakes or be doomed to repeat them. And teach the CPU the same lesson... because it WILL learn.
  8. Nemesis02

    Nemesis02 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I agree with what Vicous666 said. It's true, well at least it seems to me that when you fight in a ranking match the opponent insanely gets harder. And to me it just seems like some cheap AI programing, but either way VF4 does have one of the best comp. AI in any fighting game I have seen.
  9. Ealsen

    Ealsen Well-Known Member

    When you notice abit carefully, AI seems to do alot of high reversals more than mid and lows, except for wolf, he does mid reversals.

    Go try "very hard" arcade mode, Kage and Aoi uses alot of high punch reversals even at the very start of the first round.
    Vanessa uses alot of killer high punch reversals as well but not as many due to her auto-inashi autograb.
  10. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    Cheating? No. Learning like an AI character? Yes. I suspect they've built in AI ability to R-TE after moves, but Akira and Aoi love to reverse high and catch pokes. The AI also has superhuman reaction time, so it never gets hit by sweeps, etc. unless it can't avoid them. If it was cheating, Aoi would reverse your low moves because it anticipated them... I've never seen it do more than one low reversal a match.
  11. TDurden

    TDurden Member

    Hell yeah it cheats, I don't know how many times I have been using Jacky, and I go to jump onto a player that has been knocked to the ground, actually land on their face and have it not register as any damage a result of this I very often lose that fight....happens a lot when fighting akira and pai chan...
  12. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    That's not cheating, that means they've started to roll out of the way. Particularly with techrolls, about halfway through you become invulnerable to ground attacks. Side rolls will also escape the Bryant pounce most of the time. To test this, try pouncing on them after a b+K+G... if they escape that one, you're doing it much too slowly.
  13. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Man I agree, the kumite CPU is annoying. I have to be partially drunk to halfway stomach the CPU in kumite. I actually pay my brother to get items for me =). I hate Kumite. You need to play human players. When Akira hits me with 3 MC knees in one round "I throw my hands to god and ask" WHY!!!!!!!!! =), later.
  14. Djimbe

    Djimbe Member

    It's DEFINATELY reading your INPUT , and not the graphical OUTPUT that the other player would have to .

    Not to mention that I want to KICK one of the design team members every time the thing clobbers me before I have the time to make the FIRST MOTION in a control sequence . before the first letter of a ONE SYLLABLE word is out of the announcer's mouth youre already eating boot with a move that it takes you 6 steps to execute .
  15. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    using Jacky, and I go to jump onto a player that has been knocked to the ground, actually land on their face and have it not register as any damage whatsoever...

    I think you might just be knocking your opponent out of pounce range. This can happen with Sarah after you knock down with a K+G crescent. The downed opponent is too far away for the pounce to hit. That's what I think might be happening given your limited description... What were you knocking Akira/Pai down with that caused you to miss the pounce?

    In any case, this is not the CPU cheating. The same thing would happen if you were fighting a human Akira/Pai player.
  16. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    You can buffer the initial part of commands in before the announcer says "GO!" You could start a round say with Akira's bodycheck by buffering in b,f so that you timed the final f+P+K to coincide with the beginning of the round. That's also how you would do Akira's super dashing elbow. Buffer in the f,f and hit f+P as the announcer says go. The super dashing elbow is much easier, because you can just tap forward repeatedly and then add the f+P at the right moment, although this would be heard and blocked by a human opponent.
  17. Pai

    Pai New Member

    There's one aspect that REALLY annoys me: in the upper Dan levels, whenever you do an attack while getting up (from being knocked down) the computer knows whether your going to kick middle or low. Every ****ing time. It's just unnatural. Sometimes I get so fed up with it that I just turn the game off and cuss it. Oh well . . . it's still a great game, when the insanely difficult computer opponents aren't making me angry.

    Also, I agree with the guy who said that the Ranking Match opponents are more difficult than their Regular Match counterparts.
  18. CrYingCHoCoBo

    CrYingCHoCoBo Well-Known Member

    i like how when ur fighting a very aggressive a.i. fighter, or even one that isn't so aggressive, sometimes it'll wait silently until the EXACT frame you take your hand off the guard, then hit you in the's sooo sarah can stand there, then start jabbing the hell outta you when you want to attack.
  19. death_raven

    death_raven Well-Known Member

    you know the CPU's A.I. knows your move and tactics, just think about it, the game gives you an advice for what you're lacking (on Data files option) so if you take their advice and totaolly focus on what they're advicing (for exampe use more low attack etc..) if you do that then you'll notice ost of the time they are able to evade, block and reverse what you're doing, another example is when you're a throw freak, after 2 or 3 trhows they always escape, sometimes it happens on the first throw, i really dont have an explanation about that only a theory, theory is that because they're operated by C.P.U they can enter commands faster than us, plus the advantage of them knowing what our combo variations are or at least learning them. so to say not actually cheating but capitalizing on our human flaws.
  20. Jagad_Edge

    Jagad_Edge Member

    Yes I agree... I have trouble especially with Aoi, she is quite good at reversing high and low attacks, I was taken aback when I saw just how many reversals she ACTUALLY had!

    "Victory Can Be Antisapaited... But Never Assumed."

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