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Discussion in 'General' started by Vicks Biru, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. Vicks Biru

    Vicks Biru Well-Known Member

    Has anyone noticed how DOA3, in its uncompleted glory, is trying to snitch some ideas from VF4? VF4 wowed the world with collapsible geometry on sand and snow, and suddenly there is a snow like stage with the same geometry for DOA3. And now there's an aquarium... smells fishy to me. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

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  2. gribbly

    gribbly Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't surprise me... a year ago when I played DOA2 a bit it seemed like the ninja character, Ryu Hayabusa, owed a debt to our very own Kage in many of his moves, and his general style. Of course, Kage is way cooler :)

  3. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    The thing is, just look at the quality of the stages, I hope vf4 comes to xbox and sega redoes everything just to shit all over doa3.

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  4. Keylay

    Keylay Member

    DOA is just trying to be more realistic by adding those effects.Their was a snow stage in DOA2 and the snow moved. And that is before VF4. The aquarium stage was in DOA1.
  5. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    Snow is probably just a logical extension of being able to do that kind of graphical quality... what I find rather humorous is the two "new" characters, one of whom is a drunken boxer and one of whom uses mantis kung fu... sound familiar? :p
  6. Vicks Biru

    Vicks Biru Well-Known Member

    More views.

    I've seen some IGN movies of DOA3 and it really does look good. DOA3 has won in the graphics and story line dept., hands down. But what really bugs me is how they have copied ideas shamelessly. You know Wolf's arena's crowd? Yes, they have a stage that is a caged in arena with a crowd, lights flashing on them continuously. And it does look better than VF4's. Well. Well.

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  7. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Actually..if I was part of Team DOA
    I would do what u referred to as 'COPY'

    Think abt prove that I can do gfx BETTER than u...why not take what u have done..and make it even better???~ ( IT'S A SONY!!!)

    But then again..there is no such thing as copy.
    If so, then every 2d fighting game copied SF..every 3d fighting game copied VF ( in terms of high, mid, low, ground attack..low thows..etc etc etc)

    Superman should be the only guy flying in capes n undies ( actually, I think he is the only guy flying in undies) Mr majestic should not have his cape then..etc etc etc

    It a matter of taste..U like it, u play it..end of story.

    There simply is no point in saying who's copying who...

    My own grip with DOA3..remember the comment abt ' why would u want to fight in those Tekken 4 stages...they are pointless!!!!"

    I can say the very same for DOA3 n VF4(Actually for VF4, I always choose wolf's, Jacky's and Lion's stage..the bgm rocks big time)....the only game that had stages making a difference to the gameplay is..AKA VF3 hehe

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  8. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    According to GameSpot, each of DOA3's characters are made of 20,000 polys. Interesting no? What was the figure for Tag again? VF3/4?
  9. adamYUKI

    adamYUKI Well-Known Member

    For TTT, the number was around 10,000. Namco later admitted that they went overboard with that number - that they could've achieved a comparable result using far less polys and better use of texturing/lighting. I don't know the number for VF4, but i think the character models look REALLY good - as good as TTT and better in certain cases (Wolf's character model is damn sexy, technically speaking). Not sure about VF3 arcade character model figures, but they definitely needed work (even though they were better than DC version).

  10. faceless

    faceless Member

    Re: ever play hardcore?

    that stage was in doa2 hardcore for ps2...

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