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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Dec 2, 1999.

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    I've seen DoA2 and it doesn't seem as impressive as everyone says it to be. The textures have a standard between VF and SC, and the arenas don't seem that cool. Some of the modes are fun but they just don't stack up against VF or SC. I just hope that VF4 will prove to be better, considering both are on Naomi.
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    Are you crazy. DoA2 is probably the best fighter to date. It is almost like a combination of the best elements from Namco & Sega fighters in one game. Aside from this it has the most impressive graphics to date. The programming involved (elimination of load/slowdown with everything going on) is a whole different story
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    I hope this place doesn't turn to the crap that Namco's forum is. Just by statements like this. Let us be a little more open minded about GOOD games, that aren't necesseraly our favorites.

    M. Wong
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    Just cuz its not VF doesnt mean its not a good game. Some games just aren't as deep as VF. But if you play them for any amount of time you might find you like them. Take SF it is old the grandfather of Fighters but eaven to this day it is the second deepest game ever made (right behind VF) Tekken, KI not the greates game and had majour flaws was still alot fo fun. so many others to name not great games just alot of fun..


    Im a VF scrub. If you are looking for a arcade quality controller for the home system Email me.
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    I'm sorry but judging DOA2 merely by graphics is a bad way to compare games. Are you sure you've actually seen the game because the game looks better than SC and VF, especially when you consider the backgrounds.

    DOA2 plays exteremely, except for lack of a block button. Its easy to get into but its not has random as the first one, ie harder to parry. It has more stagger moves and tells you if you've MC/mc!
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    if you've played doa1 at all, you know what a great game it is (espescially the PS version). While I haven't played DOA2 yet, I'm sure it's at least as good as the first; and from the movies I saw months ago, it already looked like it had some cool inovations that I've been waiting for in VF, such as Reversal combos (if I remember correctly, I saw Tina do a Dragon Screw Middle kick reversal into something like a figure 4 leglock). I've been hoping that Akira's new 3-hit combo would begin with a reversal in VF4.

    Anyway, I've recently re-purchased DOA for the PS because I missed it (and to practice for DOA2), and would recommend the game to anyone who likes VF, as it's really fast and deep, with lots of cool characters and moves. Few fighting games ever have the level of communication and interaction between players as DOA; it absolutely requires thought and constant CHANGE to keep ahead of your opponent. I spent many nights playing 200+ matches with my friend without a single break, the game is that fun.

    And as for graphics, compare the stiff clothes of the DC version of VF3 to Jean Lee's 5th outfit on the PS ver. of DOA: a white yakuza bussiness suit that when moving, the coat flows open to reveal a purple satin lining with a golden dragon embroidered into it.


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