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    According to the VOICE INFORMATION section of
    in the fighting game Dead or Alive 3 for Xbox, Kuwashima Houko replaces Tange Sakura as Kasumi's CV. (:cry:)

    OTOH, I don't know if Touma Yumi sama and Yamazaki Wakana are still in DOA3?
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    Re: DOA3, Soul Calibur 2

    AFAIK, Horie Yui reportedly voices one of the new heroines
    in DOA3, the Karate girl Hitomi. But I haven't seen any
    official DOA3 CV list yet. (-_-;)

    Also, as Ivy is in Soul Calibur 2, Touma Yumi sama is
    probably in SC2. But, again, I haven't seen any official
    SC2 CV list yet. (-_-;)^2
    has the SC2 chara's profiles and prologues. For instance,
    Sophitia's sister, Cassandra, is older than I thought.

    The new young heroine who uses a pair of daggers or short
    swords with modified hilts, the wind reader Tarimu, is
    from South East Asia. I previously guessed she was an
    Ainu, like Nakoruru.

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