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    In the end, Dead or Alive 3 has one major failing -- its gameplay lacks the depth and innovation it needs to differentiate itself from its famous predecessor. Don't get me wrong, it's not that it's a poor game -- on the contrary, it's very fun while you try out all the characters and absorb all the pretty visuals. The problem is that at its heart, DoA3 is more or less the same game as DoA2. Outside of two characters, new moves, the graphics and some control changes, very little is truly new in DoA3. If you were decent at DoA2 you'll get the hang of this game in three seconds. Newbies needn't feel left out, either, as it's very, very masher-friendly. A newbie who has an idea of how to counter can be quite annoying, and that just shouldn't be happening in a supposedly deep, complex fighting game. It remains to be seen how far high-level players will take this game, but in this regard I have the feeling that Virtua Fighter 4 has little to worry about from Dead or Alive 3.

    That's the honest review of DOA3...
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    If you sorta think about it tho, VF4 almost has just as good visuals as DOA3. I mean sure DOA3 is nice looking and all, but there isn't a huge load of details, and there isn't a whole lot of shading. Besides this was AM2's first PS2 game, especially since they are use to working with the Naomi hardware.

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