Does SEGA AM2 Read our forum?

Discussion in 'General' started by Adamay, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Adamay

    Adamay Well-Known Member

    I always wondered if they lurk in here to see what the fans think. What do you think?
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  2. Technocrow

    Technocrow Active Member

    My guess is no. I think the majority of AM2 developers are Japanese and wouldn't even bother reading these English forums
  3. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    It's possible. And I would not be surprised if they did.
    And who knows. They may be closer than you think.

    Alot closer.:rolleyes:
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  4. GustavoHeisenberg

    GustavoHeisenberg Well-Known Member

    I think they do, in business, market researching would say they ought to (even though we are the most extreme vocal minority)
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  5. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Silver Supporter

    I hope they don't.
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  6. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    AM2 if you're reading this.... PM me.

    I have some ideas for not only VF6 but a future path for VF:cool:

    Innovative ideas for content, presentation, Single Player, Two Player, and Online,

    Also if you need some fan feedback with transitioning VF into the Season Pass world, I have lots of fair ideas that true VF fans would go along with.

    I am prepared to sign an NDA :holla:

    If AM2 is not reading this, one of connected chaps please pass it along:LOL:
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