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    two questions, first, if akira does a SDE to a normal wieght charachter, i know he can get the first hit of the dlc in, but is it possible to connect with the second, so far ive only been able to do it on a downsloap against normal weights

    second, does each charachter have their own individual wieghts, or are they just light, mid, and heavy? if theyre just ligh mid and heavy, who is what? thx in advance
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    In reference to your original question, a big hell yes. One of the reasons why I still think Akira in TB is stronger than OTB is because of the more generous floats. Akira can easily DLC even a heavy opponent on flat ground, but the SDE has to be MC.

    Each character actually has their own weights, but they can be generally classified to the according:

    Special light - Aoi
    Lightweight - Pai, Lion, Shun, Sarah
    Midweight - Akira, Jacky, Kage, Lau
    Heavyweight - Wolf, Jeffry
    Special heavy - Taka-arashi

    This classification is mainly arcade; in Dreamcast Sarah and Pai are more Aoi level than lightweight.

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    cool, thanks

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