Does VF needs it's own Yoshinori Ono/Katsuhiro Harada?

Discussion in 'General' started by Adamay, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Adamay

    Adamay Well-Known Member

    With Yu Suzuki being out of the picture since VF3 and Noriyuki Shimada taking over as producer since VF4. Do you think VF needs a charismatic spokesperson to address the media and most important. The fans? Be it in public events or social media tease. This kind of marketing has been working for SF and Tekken for years and generating hype among the FGC.

    VF fans have been suffering like a dog who has been abandoned by it's owner with the uncertainty of it's comeback. VF announcements have been shrouded with silent and mystery for years.

    Do you think this kind of approach helps or hurts the franchise?

    The announcement of Street Fighter X Tekken was pretty entertaining in my opinion:

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  2. Lygophilia

    Lygophilia Well-Known Member

    I don't think it hurts or helps Virtua Fighter. I think the producer, devs, and community did all they could to attract people to this game series.

    However, with all the over hype I've seen from this game are the same ones who ironically don't play this game themselves, which don't make any sense.

    To me, you either like it or you don't. Those who stay playing this game to this day, are legitimate fans.
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  3. Adamay

    Adamay Well-Known Member

    I agree with you that true fans are the ones that stayed but what about attracting new ones? I think in this day and age social media is a great tool to reach new players.

    I dream of a SEGA/VF Pro Tour or VF World Cup or whatever you wanna call it. The intensity and passion that happens in Japan but in the entire world.
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  4. ICHIBANin10000

    ICHIBANin10000 Well-Known Member

    I nominate that dumb guy at Evo in the Akira costume. If anybody deserves to be clotheslined, its him.
  5. Sonic The Fighters

    Sonic The Fighters Well-Known Member

    Haruki Satomi the young new head of SEGA would be perfect with an Akira cosplay...

    I don't know why Nagoshi doesn't work on a new VF yet, all these Yakuza games must be so boring now !

    Maybe Yu Suzuki can do something with VF as soon as he is done with Shenmue.
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  6. emperorshadox

    emperorshadox Well-Known Member

    Virtua Fighter is simply the BEST 3D fighting game I have ever played.

    Years after the release of VF5 and FS, I'm yet to come across anything that comes anywhere close.

    Even the cloth physics was ahead of its time.
    Saving your replays = ahead of its time.
    Voice commentator = ahead of its time.
    Balancing = ahead of its time.
    Animation = ahead of its time.
    Replay value = ahead of its time.
    Side stepping = Waaaay ahead of its time.
    Graphics = ahead of its time
    Staggers and Stagger escapes = ahead of its time.
    Customizations = ahead of its time.

    And much much more!

    VF5 FS needs more marketing as well as an ambassador seeing as a lot of people don't actually understand why this game is untouchable.

    Sega and AM2 did a bad job with exposure.

    I play Tekken 7 regularly (currently a Juggernaut with Master Raven), but I always end up getting bored due to the fact that the balancing is non existent (especially with the rangey Noctis), and it seems Tekken offers me a short span of 'fun', but quickly fades away as the depth is just not there.

    The last Tekken to 'keep it real' was Tekken 5DR. By far the best Tekken to date (sadly not on XB).

    DOA tries to cram in too many mechanics that I feel inhibit the flow of the game.

    VF is just perfect. And it does it with no projectiles and flashy special effects.
  7. Adamay

    Adamay Well-Known Member

    Imagine if VF had someone like Sakurai announcing VF characters and generate the hype it deserves like he does here:

    The most popular and successful SEGA franchises like Yakuza and the mainstream cultural icons like Segata Sanshiro will definitely attract people who never payed attention to VF. Hell I constantly read about Tekken/Smash/DoA fans wanting Yakuza characters in their freaking games. SEGA better keep them for VF!!!
  8. GustavoHeisenberg

    GustavoHeisenberg Well-Known Member

    There needs to be a reality check about the game being perfect - it's glaring problems are there despite the areas the game is hands and above superior on.
  9. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    A part of me really hopes, that Yu Suzuki somehow returns to
    the VF series. And if he somehow does, hopefully, he still has the skills to make a new one.:cool:
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  10. Thesch28

    Thesch28 Well-Known Member

    It would be nice to have Yu Suzuki directing VF but i don't know if he would like to come back since he left series during 4 because he didn't want to be stuck making the same games over and over again, but who knows he's directing a new Shenmue game but that makes more sense since Shenmue is a project he didn't get to finish back in the day, unlike the VF series in which he literally accomplished everything he wanted for the series with Virtua Fighter 3 back in 1996.
  11. Adamay

    Adamay Well-Known Member

    Maybe one of these guys can be our Ono/Harada?

  12. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    I remember those guys. And that interview was really interesting.
  13. Thesch28

    Thesch28 Well-Known Member

    What kind of content or announcements would make fans and outsiders hype anyways?
    Isn't VF about Quality over Quantity? It's not like they're gonna be announcing new characters in a new game between "seasons" like other games.
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  14. Sonic The Fighters

    Sonic The Fighters Well-Known Member

    What happened to these two guys ?

    Are they still at SEGA's AM2 studio ?
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  15. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    I was wondering the same thing.
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  16. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. Interesting question.
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