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    after talking about worst/best moves, i personally think it might be fun to list some annoying moment that makes you say "DOh!" heheh :

    -Shun connect d/f+P+G, then lay down.
    -Amateur or 2ndary Akira escaped Wolf's SSD, intinctly mashs in P+G....
    -Lau d,u+P, dash back and punch air once...
    -Subway, Kage TFT, P,PPK, slide himself out of the ring.
    -Shun CD in low elbow >_<, oppt confused, did a low punch, Shun try u+K but get u/f+K instead.
    -Sumo ring, ate Wolf's GS, "Hey ! I <font color=red> BROKE </font color=red> that!!"
    -Akira connects f+P+G, dash in, Punch the floating oppt once.
    -Aoi sidekick staggers her oppt, CD in and oppt broke her P+G throw, sidethrow.
    -Lion positions parallel to ring edge, u/b+E himself out of the ring.
    -Anyone against Wolf, Connects P(g), dash in and ate Giantswing (NOOOOOooo! /images/icons/shocked.gif )
    -Ice-9 against Hiro, Kage staggers Wolf, Kage CD-in and ate Low throw (ICE /images/icons/mad.gif : i KNEW you gonna do that !! HIRO /images/icons/crazy.gif : Why did you crouch dash then? ICE /images/icons/frown.gif : ....

    that's all i can remember now.
  2. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    That was fun..... you just brought back memories that made VF so interesting and fun to play among friends. /images/icons/laugh.gif

    Here's a few more /images/icons/laugh.gif :
    - Lau does a d/f,d/f+P,P, and your opponent Es, and he R.O.ed himself.....
    - Lion does a f,f+P, or b,d/f+P, and the opponent Es, and Lion gets R.O.ed....
    - Sarah intended to go for a pounce, but you accidentally keyed in u/f+P, instead of u+P, and you R.O.ed again.......
    - You're going to throw your opponent in order to avoid R.O., but since you're too close to the edge, your character dropped out of the Ring by himself when he was lifting the opponent up......

    Fun fun...... did that last conversation really happen ? /images/icons/laugh.gif

  3. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    hmm... well, with a lack of competition I don't have many of those good ol' memories in VF3tb and the VF2 memories are starting to fade with time... but I guess I would have to say that once in awhile the computer opponent would stupidly ro itself out with a back dash... :p

    Or there was also that memory from the Boston Clip (in the war section) where someone playing kage RO'd himself out with f, f+P+K+G... But don't let that incident fool you (though I wonder why it was put in the video for purposes other than humor), it's a nice fun video to do some VF promo to your friends!!!! Nice video altogether imo.

  4. clopin

    clopin Well-Known Member

    i found this one pretty funny:

    - against aoi low-throw situation, shun inputs low-throw escape w/o option select, aoi waives the low throw for free hit/throw during shun's comic behavior

    // clopin
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  5. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Great post Mike!! I found myself laughing a lot while reading your post, as I can DEFINITELY relate to all the situations you described... /images/icons/smile.gif

    To contribute a few of my own:

    Kage -- f+P+G, you're on the downslope, and you go for a DP-DP combo. Doh! d+P comes out.

    Wolf -- You've been waiting for the elbow, you dodge, it whiffs, and HCF--doh! P+G comes out and you get a measly 60 pts instead of 100 pts + pick up.

    Jeffry -- You back dash, the opponent whiffs, and you want to do a f+P+K. Doh! Crappy b,f+P+K comes out instead, the range isn't enough, and the opponent punishes you for whiffing.

    Kage -- Your back is to the edge of the ring, your life bar is low, but you get a TFT aaaand....! Standing kick. Doh!!!!!!

    ice-9 | Sennin

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