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DOJOing with Lion

Discussion in 'Lion' started by Darksoul173, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Darksoul173

    Darksoul173 Well-Known Member

    A thread about dojo drills to improve Lion yours and mine
    I'll post some drills i'm using and hopefully more guys will post some drills as well

    2)hit the opponent with 41236P and follow up with 3K
    3)if the 3K hits follow up with PKP if the 3K is getting blocked 33G fuzzy
    3K is -4 on block from the side and gives you a guarnteed PKP on CH (+11)
    You can make drill harder by changing the setting to GUARD or NORMAL HIT

    1)Pick Jacky and record A)4P+K+G P+KP b)4P+K+G P+K P+G
    2)Block the P+K and input ECD (833/233) If done right you will either get a successfull evade or you will evade and crouch the throw
    3)If you're getting the evade hit with side PKP if you're crouching the throw hit with KK (make sure you're getting the blue minor counter flash)
    You can do the same thing with Taka blocked 4P+KP/4P+K throw
    Also you can use other move after the evade just don't use KK

    1)Pick Jeffery and record A)PK throw B)PK 6PP C)PK 6P throw
    2)Get hit by the PK and input 33G ECD
    3)Like the former drill if you're getting the evade follow up with everything you want except KK and if you're crouching the throw hit with KK
    A known drill and a bit harder than the former one make sure you punish both the throw after the PK and after ECD with KK

    That's it for now have fun
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