Doomboy's Sarah Experiments

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Chanchai, Jun 5, 2001.

  1. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Some fun with Sarah</A>
    Doomboy's been experimenting a bit with Sarah and here's some stuff he'd like to share in MPEG form/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That was some great stuff. It's always fun to see someone play a character differently than what you're used to. The use of giant leaps was really cool. That's the one part of the VF3 fighting system that I felt was totally worthless (floating in the air is just suicide), but here ya go.

    It's footage like yours that really show how tragic it is that VF3 was never popular in the US.

    Daniel Thomas
    check out my artwork at
  3. uk_kid

    uk_kid Well-Known Member

    nice clip alex. it almost makes sarah look like an interesting, fun character to play!
    almost :)
  4. AlexMD

    AlexMD Well-Known Member Content Manager Lei

    "The use of giant leaps was really cool."

    It works on CPU fine but before someone flames me I better note that you'd have to be playing a chimp to get it in a versus match /versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  5. Yamcha

    Yamcha Well-Known Member

    Heheh I wouldn't say it's completely useless against a human...definitely no one expects you to use it. "But therein lies the game."

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