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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Nov 22, 1999.

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    I have a few questions about double throw escapes & triple throw escapes. Me and my roomate are both somewhat new to VF but not to 3d fighters(DoA/DoA2, Tekken 1/2/3, Soul Cal. etc.). We do understand most of the concepts of vf from previous fighting game experience, however the DTE & TTE are giving us a bit of trouble.

    For Example: My roomate uses Shun (Quite well) as one of his main Characters. He only seems to use three out of four of Shuns front throws. He uses P+G or d/f+P+G, or b+P+G.

    When I anticipate a throw (i.e. after a blocked/ducked move, stagger, etc), I enter the following command: P+G -> d/f+P+G -> b+P+G. Now if I read the throw escape page correctly this should enable me to break the throw. It does break the throw but only if he does the P+G throw.

    My question to you is, am I misunderstanding the whole DTE/TTE thing? If not is there something I am overlooking?
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    First, you should either get an account or at least sign your post so we know who we are speaking to.

    Second, you can only escape two throws at most and one of them is P+G. Double Throw Escape (DTE) is P+G and one additional throw escape. So against Shun, the common DTE is P+G, d/f+P+G. If you are not escaping the d/f+P+G, that's because you're either inputting the commands late or not inputting them correctly. From the time your opponent attempts to throw you, you only have 10 frames to input this escape command.

    "TTE" does not stand necessarily mean being able to escape three throws. I'm not sure which escape document you read (please refer me the link so I can edit it for clarification), but a triple throw escape is an attack, reversal, or evade tacked on before a DTE. So against Shun, a useful triple escape would be b+P+K, P+G, d/f+P+G, assuming you have an upper punch reversal. E, P+G, d/f+P+G is a good alternative if you don't have an upper reversal. Doing the above TE's correctly will let you avoid Shun's chouwan, P+G throw, and SE all at the same time. As with DTE, you must input all of this within 10 frames. Note that this is not the easiest thing to do.

    You cannot, however, escape Shun's P+G, d/f+P+G, or b+P+G all at the same time.

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    Thanks for the help, I now know what you mean. I went back and reread the document as well. It does not need editing, I just read it wrong.

    Again thanks for the help

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