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    don't know if these dural moves are well-known or not, so, anyway they aren't in creed's dural movelist document on this site, so i'll post them here.
    creed mentioned that he fluked pai's cartwheel whilst button-mashing. it is done f+p+k+g, and is in fact a *dodging* cartwheel, AND can be used as pai's low throw (the cartwheel over the crouching opponent). dural can dodge by double-tapping d. she cannot dodge by double-tapping u though. she has the following low-throws: jeffry's d,f+p+k+g and d/f+p+k+g, and wolf's d/b+p+k+g.
    there are other dural moves not mentioned in creed's list, but they have escaped my mind.
    no flames if all this was already common knowledge please.

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