Dynamic League Girls !

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by dynamic-league, May 23, 2002.

  1. dynamic-league

    dynamic-league Well-Known Member

    Yep !
    We had our first girl member join up for challenges at the last tournament.
    Her name is Dorreen Knox and she certainly knocked some of the guys around on the ISS.
    We are expecting a lot more girl challengers over the next few events.
  2. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Derrick, if it's not VF related, then it doesn't belong here.
  3. dynamic-league

    dynamic-league Well-Known Member

    Ooops !

    I'm sure we will get some VF girls soon. In fact we had 2 girl fighters and one character model back in the Namco Wonderpark VF3 days.
    There are pictures of the girls in the Dynamic League history section.
  4. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    i find girls lov stuff like bomberman an puzzle bobble. damn, beat at ISS??? well id probably get beat at that, ive got a kid sis thats v good at VF

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