EA UFC 3 integral META Guide (by SUGATA)

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    EA UFC 3 integral META Guide (v.1) - by SUGATA

    >>> Google docs link to the Guide (it is 40000 words and keep rising):

    >>> All questions and feedback you can post HERE or on Operationsports.com forum:

    Community (active players and Game Changers) - is very important thing for any game evolving, b/c the community is forcing the game to become better and devs to work harder and players to get more challenge from PvP and so more FUN. EA UFC Community has very many awesome guts, who spend their time and energy for MMA game genre evolving. Some of them are linked in appropriate section.These factors were also the reason to create and post this Guide for FREE for all players.This Guide took much time and energy, so IF it was helpful to you and you want to say THANKS for my work, you could donate any value as you wish.
    This is my PayPal.me link:
    Thank you, bros!

    Intro part from the Guide (as example):

    This is version 1. This guide still needs some work and tuning/polishing. This work will be done during close time. I will continue to update this Guide for FREE anyway.
    • Patch 1.13
    • Other later patches and Live tuners
    • More implementation of actual infos from EA UFC 2
    • How to work with Frame data effectively
    • etc.
    “Train with those who are stronger. Love someone you can't. Do not give up where others give up. And you win where you can't win. ”© Bruce Lee
    BEST GAME GENRE:The game in the Fighting genre game is a MIND TRAINING (memory, reaction, speed of thinking, analysis, combinatorics, self-control and psycho-training), while delivering PLEASURE!
    FIGHTING with a live opponent (online) - a genre that has HIGHEST efficiency, i.e. when for the minimum of time you can get the maximum pleasure (satisfied) and benefits.
    WHAT IS THIS:This is EA UFC 3 Integral META Guide.
    Integral - i.e. contains all ACTUAL infos across all prev parts (EA UFC 1 - 3), all Dev blogs, all, sources.
    Meta - i.e. the game theory, mechanics and principles/rules.
    Guide - i.e. how to use all this knowledge.
    > This Guide contains ALL what you need and allows you to learn EA UFC 3 game from zero 0, w/o any knowledge/experience of previous EA UFC 1-2, you do NOT need anything more for learning the game META!

    II. HOW TO TRAIN (to build Learning process):
    EA UFC 3 is very deep and complex game, so the Guide is large too. So, this is impossible to learn the game immediately. I think 2 hours session (from step 1 up to step 5) every day is enough to learn the game fast and effectively.
    WRONG: Immediately Play WITHOUT the Theory and Training that precedes each game session - this will only be the fixation of the wrong skills and mistakes, and as a result the lack of progress (regress)!

    The basic principle: Theory> Training (warm-up)> Game> Analysis.Objective: to progress to the maximum possible minimum of time (maximum efficiency).
    1. THEORY - MECHANICS:Education/extracting and compilation of MECHANIC info from resources into Guide file [30 min]
    2. Study Topics/Blogs
    3. Adding info from Devs’ and GCs’ posts on forum
    4. Re-Study Grappling and all what was not changed from EA UFC 2.
    5. Advanced UFC 3 Tips and Tricks: https://www.ea.com/games/ufc/ufc-3/tips-and-tricks/advanced

    6. New Swaying 1.05 (by Solid Altair): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eierioluMXk
    7. All strike types setups and analyze (by Solid Altair): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlaj1wL9NWA&t=136s
    8. Unique strikes: https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/ea-ufc/932870-unique-strikes-combos.html#post2049372140
    9. Sticked threads on OS forum: https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/ea-ufc/926087-ea-ufc-3-q-thread.html
    10. Youtube Полный гайд по Клинчу (by Chif Play): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPDlE0Aeiw0&t
    11. EA UFC 3 - Special Moves Guide (Cruz, TJ and Gaethje) (by Solid Altair): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwXguRJq2Mo
    12. New Threads in OS Forum.
    Education/extracting and compilation of FIGHTER info from resources into Guide file - your MAIN , and then ALL fighters and their special properties (Move list, Combos, GMs, Reversals, Attributes & Ratings) [20 min]SCRIPTS (Follow-ups):
    (1) Creation of scripts - scripts should be as damaging as possible and divided into 3 groups (for each of the 3 Archetypes of opponents). Create scripts for: videos of top players and yourself.
    (2) Script training - to reflex automatism (by hitchecking).
    (3) You MUST ALWAYS play the ALL match ONLY in Scripts (and not in single-player techniques).
    1. Study-read Mechanic/Fighter in Guide file [15 min]
    2. Dojo: Basic Learning (practice the studied Mechanic) [15 min]
    3. Dojo: Training Command List and Combos for THIS Character [15 min]
    4. Dojo: Training Scripts and Tactics of an IT Character [15 min]
    5. Dojo: Training Fights vs CPU (AI on Legendary difficulty to play)! (to implement in practice all learned techniques, techniques, combos, scripts and tactics in combat - there is no lag and stress, you can select it) [15 min].
    4) PRACTICE - FIGHT:Online: vs Human [30 min]
    1. Record / save replays of battles by Share PS4 > Upload to Youtube (private) > Download to mobile device (iPhone) > Play through the program “Touch The Video” (Ubersense, Up My Game) - analyze your game and your opponent > Solve you mistakes ( what I miss, the cases of my defeat) and find Countermeasures > Training Solutions and Countermeasures in Dojo.
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  2. beanboy

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    A big UFC 3 guide? Now that is sick dude!:D
    That must have taken, a really long time to make.

    I've played UFC on the dreamcast years ago. I'm not a fan of UFC, or the games, but the game was nice.:)

    SUGATA Well-Known Member


    For those who are interested in REALLY authentic SIM of MMA, VERY deep gameplay with much Yomi too!
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  4. masterpo

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    VF + UFC is a good combination. You don't have to choose one or the other. You can legitimately play both of these games. Each game will give you a better appreciation for the other. Many many UFC martial arts moves are in VF:ROTFL: and vice versa. A good youtuber to follow on the UFC games both EA's and THQ's is

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  5. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    Good thing you bumped this up. I plan on checking out that guide soon. Yippee!!

    SUGATA Well-Known Member

    Yes, Martial Mind is a hardcore UFC games veteran and... EA Gamechanger, as well as many some other guys - most of them (including EA UFC game producer) liked my Integral meta guide - this is a compilation of game's Meta (which is HUGE) and many practical tips.

    P.S. Btw check my Fighting games PSYCHOLOGY Guide - it can be helpful:

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