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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by adamYUKI, Jul 6, 2002.

  1. adamYUKI

    adamYUKI Well-Known Member

    I thought I would post what I thought was past and current East Coast Player rankings.

    VF4 Frolic

    1. HiroKun
    2. AdamYuki
    3. CrewNYC
    4. Ice-9
    5. Shang
    6. OmahaJeff
    7. Iron Monkey Fist
    8. nwx
    9. Blonde One
    10. Sumeragi

    Relative to VF4 Frolic alot has changed. This is what I would guess East Coast player rankings are

    1. HiroKun
    2. AdamYuki
    3. OmahaJeff
    4. Ice-9
    5. CrewNYC
    6. Shang
    7. IMF
    8. Blonde One
    9. Nwx
    10 Sumeragi

    The last time I played Ice-9 my Lau still had a slight advantage over him but if ice-9 has kept playingI would guess his characters would beat me right now. Omaha Jeff jumps up a couple notches too since he's started playing Sarah who I think is much more effective than his jeffry, lion, or akira. OmahaJeff's guesing and dodging have gotten much better too. I wonder how ice and rodney would match up now.
    I will work on trying to get my Lau back up to shape and on a competative level with Adam and Hiro.

    Relative to VF4 Frolic I would estimate all of the NYC players have almost doubled in their ability to win. Since Hiro came back he has pointed out some very big flaws in our games and some glaring weaknesses.

    National Rankings

    Here is what I would guess are the national rankings based on everyone I've played so far and other players observations on national players. Its hard to rank Yusuke and Howard since only California people have played them.

    1. HiroKun
    2. AdamYuki
    3. Ice-9
    4. OmahaJeff
    5. CrewNYC
    6. Shang
    7. FeiaxQ
    8. Iron Monkey Fist
    9. Spotlite
    10. Shota

    I ranked ice-9 higher than Omaha here since I think he can deal with a greater number of play styles and has a larger character roster to draw from.

    Anyway NYG3 is coming lets see how everyone will match up.


  2. Kageh

    Kageh Active Member

    Here's the patented Andy propaganda to get everyone fired up for the gathering. /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif

    I wonder what Shota thinks of that "national ranking." ha ha.

    Good times.
  3. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Bwahahahahaa, Andy sure knows how to stir the pot. Hmm, I didn't attend Frolic though, and I can't say I agree with Andy's rankings!! /versus/images/icons/shocked.gif

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