Electric Cancel 4: World tourney... Oct. 26th

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    Re: EC4 results and comments

    Jeff, you keep talking about a tournament being "special" but then let me ask you: What makes NYG so incredibly "special"? It utterly pales in comparison to what you can find in Japan. Oh what makes it special is that Adam will be there, Hiro will be there, this guy will be there, that guy will be there. . . someother guy I talked on the net will be there. . . You see where I am going? "Incestuious" culture. You said most of the things I would like to say yourself. You may not even realize but there is nothing really special about NYG compared to Japan except the people you know will be there. Let me spell it out.

    <font color="orange"> VF4 crowd do not care about tournament. They just want to meet this guy. They just want to meet that guy, and so on. Let's cut the BS and look at the truth.</font color>


    You know, if you are thinking outside of this "incestuous" mindset, just the fact that somebody is arranging a tourney with a substantial resource backing should be "special." And form everything I hear, EC tourney has everything that needs to deserve to become "special." It already has become "special" for people who went there. It will become "special" for everyone who goes there. NYG is NOT "special" if you don't go there. NYG becomes "special" only if you go there. Same with EC tourney. Jeff, you said so many accurate things but somehow could not make that connection.

    (You can even observe this in Japan. Why are the Hokkaido guys going back to Korea for another tourney? Because they know people there. All these events become "special" once you make it "special". Tekkeners are a lot more open to all these, and that's why their tourneys could flourish and evolve.)

    I am not blaming anyone per se for not jumping out to shel out 500 bucks for airticket at the last min notice for tourneyes, but all these excuses are just plain BS. (Read my setence in cap letters) But hopefuly at least changed the outlook of cal people and hopefully it's a beginning of a better things to come.

    And, Jeff, you are telling everybody to shell out 2000 bucks to go to Japan to play a videogame? What a nonsense when people don't even care about a tourney happening in their own backyard. While we are at it, why don't we all just move to Japan so we can play video game. Well, that explains why Hiro is not too thrilled about competition but wait, he IS Japanese. (Too bad Japan doesn't have much of liberal immigration policy, and teaching English in Japan doesn't count for much of experience when you come back in the US.)
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    Re: EC4 results and comments

    This is an old topic that we've hashed out on VFDC before. The whole gathering vs. tournament debate. In Toronto, we run tourneys. Even when we have a small get together, we still have a small tourney. Tournament play and gathering play are very different and the tournament deems who is the best, end of story.

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
    VF4 crowd do not care about tournament.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    With regards to NYG events, I have to agree wholeheatedly. NYG has a 'G' in there for a reason - it's a gathering. It's not a tournament. Now at NYG3, I tried to run a tournament, but those who were there saw what happened - it fizzled. People just wanted to play against whomever on whatever station was closest. No one wanted to watch how the tourney would end...fizzle fizzle pfft. Even some of the better players were just not interested in playing a tournament *cough* Hiro *cough* Now, they may have their reasons, but I still don't get it...This *really* surprised me.

    With regards to EC4, I think one of the biggest issues with such a poor VF turnout was the fact that most of the hardcore VFers in NA are on the East coast. Most of us that have the history of travelling for competition are pretty far from Cali. I can only afford to travel so much for VF. As far as forking out 2000 USD to go to Japan to play VF - heh, that's dreaming in technicolor.

    I think if people supported tournaments, no matter how small, more than just *gatherings* it would improve turnouts for things like EC5. I know my motivation for going to NYG3. I wanted to see Adam and Andy again, and meet some people who I know online. Sure, it was a great VF time too, but I think I'll remember the people a lot more than the VF.


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