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    Looks like they made Jeffry look more aboriginal now...and Kage looks more like Shredder than ever.

    Look at the sand fly on the island stage...nice.
  3. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member

    Lau and Pai look awesome! Pai's face is really nice. I like all the detail on the clothes.

    What's Kage doing to Lau? Is that a new move? His arms look really long...

    Jeffry looks older

  4. Vicks Biru

    Vicks Biru Well-Known Member

    It seems no one pays heed to what I have to say if I don't sign in... seems like you guys are really anti-anons. I guess that's why I finally signed in after a long hiatus.

    The shots look nice. Too bad you can't save them

    And I think they did change Pai's face. Her screen both in Core Magazine and Fighters Net have a very different image for Pai. She does not look as ugly as before.


    <font color=orange>Imagine losing to this bozo...</font color=orange>
  5. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    God damn
    the women in this game are HOT~


    <font color=red>~~~SummErs' 'enemy SPODED, enemy DOWN~~~'
  6. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    This is a great interview, and one definitely for the archive. I'll post it here before it disappears from Core.

    <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

    Japanese publication Arcadia recently sat down with AM2 to discuss their upcoming arcade fighter, Virtua Fighter 4. Some of the most intriguing revelations include character attack animation changes and cryptic hints of weapon usage. Check out our translation below;
    Arcadia: Looking at the transition from Virtua Fighter to VF3, the series has come a long way. Does AM2 pay special attention to certain aspects in each sequel, perhaps a formula?

    AM2: The differences between Virtua Fighter, VF2, and VF3 are fairly distinct. We've been worrying about how to truly distinguish Virtua Fighter 4 from the previous installments in the series. If we just did the normal upgrades associated with working on new hardware, Virtua Fighter 4 would end up looking almost identical to VF3. This time we've been asking ourselves; 'What can the Naomi2 really do?,' rather than approaching development from a conceptual angle.

    Arcadia: So the focus is to push the Naomi2 hardware?

    AM2: Moreover we're not setting specific conceptual goals. For example, if we set our sights on creating photorealistic graphics and we couldn't accomplish that, our entire focus would be lost. So we sat down and really tested the hardware, then figured out what we could do and applied it to development.

    Arcadia: In general then, after you did significant research on the Naomi2 hardware, what goals did you set?

    AM2: Character animation and background interaction became very important. Making the characters move realistically in-game, not just in cut-scenes. We've spent an enormous amount of time working on clothing design, facial animation and body detail.

    Arcadia: Are you pursuing realism in VF4?

    AM2: We want the game to be realistic, but not in the photo-realism sense. We want the characters to retain their cartoonish style, or else the series would loose some of its appeal. The realism aspects are incorporated in character movement and overall animation. If we wanted pure realism, we would have to change everything, including the number of colors used. In Virtua Fighter 4 we're using shades and color hues which don't occur in nature, however, they give the players the illusion of realism. We want the level of animation and detail to stand out in arcades.

    Arcadia: Players are curious about the new characters in Virtua Fighter 4, how many will there be?

    AM2: There will be two added characters. One is Lei-Fei, a monk character that uses shorinji kenpo fighting style. As for the other character, we're not sure how it will turn out.

    Arcadia: Come on, can't you tell us something about the other character?

    AM2: All I can really say is, as previously revealed at AOU, it will be a female.

    Arcadia: Why did you decide to use Lei-Fei and his kenpo fighting style?

    AM2: Keeping with the Virtua Fighter tradition, we wanted to add a character with a Chinese style of martial arts. There are already several characters in the series that utilize Chinese styles, but Lei-Fei has a totally unique look and feel.

    Arcadia: As a fighting style shorinji kenpo tends to incorporate weapons, doesn't it? But the Virtua Fighter series has stayed away from weapons completely. Perhaps weapons will appear in some form in VF4?

    AM2: It's not like we have a rule against using weapons. Maybe you'll see Jacky using nunchucks. [laughs..] If we're really going to incorporate weapons though, I think we should do it in a separate game.

    Arcadia: Why does Chinese martial arts play such a large part in Virtua Fighter?

    AM2: As seen in many films, Chinese styles of martial arts have very unique movements. The techniques also translate very well into our games. In essence, the Chinese styles are ideal when you're looking to create something that looks realistic, but not photorealistic. The game takes place in China as well.

    Arcadia: What about more European or Asian fighting styles, perhaps kickboxing?

    AM2: We've always considered adding characters like that, and we thought about it again before development on Virtua Fighter 4 started. In the end though, we decided not to include them. The number of fighting styles that would work in the Virtua Fighter series is very limited. We decided that a shorinji kenpo character was appropriate this time around.

    Arcadia: Are the characters based on real people?

    AM2: No, for example, Lei-Fei is based on research done on fighting monks. So his design is very traditional looking. However, if we really went for realism, he would be a 'do-gooder' type. So we stayed away from basing him on an actual person, that way we've made him much darker.

    Arcadia: Is the character design changes, particularly their 'growing up' part of your pursuit for realism?

    AM2: On the Naomi2 we can do fine lines, so we've been experimenting with giving characters wrinkles, and making them look older. The character models being used right now aren't in their finished forms. For example, the finished model of Pai will feature a number of facial changes.

    Arcadia: Is it hard making these facial changes?

    AM2: Even subtle changes can completely change the way a character looks. So it's necessary to make changes carefully. The hardest part is deciding exactly what adjustments to make, and where.

    Arcadia: Will there be special effects used this time, when characters are hit for example?

    AM2: We believe special effects detract from the game's overall realism. However, there are effects we can use which will enhance the gameplay, and make the action easier to follow. In Virtua Fighter 4 there will be hit-effects. For example, sweat droplets will fly off your characters, and some players will quiver after a strong attack. As for other special effects, we're doing particle handling for dust and snow which makes them look and react as they would in nature. Mostly, you'll notice how they're interactive; footprints leave trails in the snow, walls can be broken, etc.

    Arcadia: So how many stages will be included altogether?

    AM2: That remains to be seen. We're still adding to the game everyday. Certainly each character will have his/her own unique stage.

    Arcadia: So will the backgrounds have more gimmicky-style effects this time?

    AM2: I wouldn't call them gimmicky, rather they're presented differently. We're trying out many new things with camera angles, and the finished version will look much different that the footage shown at AOU. We hope players pay special attention to the camera changes, the way the characters change their posture, and the reflections in the backgrounds.

    Arcadia: Thanks for your time, and hurry up with that new character already!

    AM2: We'll do our best. [laughs..]

    -- Translation Asst. Walt Wyman


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