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    When is a good time to do the evading? Should it be right after a combo? while blocking an attack? Or should I focus on block, instead of trying to evade.
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    Blocking works vs:

    Successful dodging depends on whether the oncoming attack is the Linear or Circular.

    Attacks are then either:

    Dodging is extremely effective especially vs Linear attacks, but also after your attacks where you are in a slightly disadvantaged situation.

    When playing against Linear attacking Players/Characters dodging is an essential skill. Later when you incorporate Dodge and MultiThrow escaping Guard, you find that dodging is very powerful.

    Depending on how good your regular blocking is, you should look for a dodge as much as possible and also adding the throw escaping to it thru habit. At early stages of VF4 play, general striking and rush strategies generally work. This is due to poor blocking skills. However there is a general limit to one's reflexes. Many of those rushing moves are fast and constant however as evading is the next level, and those same good moves are no longer effective due to their linear nature.

    Dodging is an important foundation skill, also knowing how to defeat the dodge is also important.

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