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[Experimental] VF5FS Lion Combos Compilation

Discussion in 'Lion' started by SG-Lion, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. LionsDirtyToes

    LionsDirtyToes New Member

    Actually your right it wasn't even a combo [​IMG] until 44K which isn't all that great since it's easily guarded. A nice combo when someones back is to the wall is -


    I also love to poke with P,BD a couple times and then go for 41236P+G. (Sorry I don't know the notation for back dash)

    Another move I like is 4P+K, because then KK,1K,8P is coming unless the initial hit is evaded. My notation may be off; I'm still new to VF as far as actually trying to be good at it. So if I post something noobish or incorrect please feel free to correct me.

    My new BnB as of today is 2KK,66KK,1K,8P.
  2. Chibitox

    Chibitox Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter

    PP4P is only a combo if the second P make your opponent hit the wall. If it does I don't know if 41236+P+G is guaranteed because the opponent may be in hitstun, thus unthrowable.

    But you have better options that are guaranteed, PP4P, 46K, 46K+G, P, 43P+K, 6PP should work.
  3. AnimalStaccato

    AnimalStaccato Well-Known Member

    What you want to do is go to dojo>free training and press start>cpu settings>details and then change fall recovery to; in place(exact) and rising speed to fastest. This will allow the cpu to get up or tech a combo as soon as that option is available to it. With this done you can see what truly combos because if the cpu gets up mid way then its not guaranteed and not technically a combo.
  4. AnimalStaccato

    AnimalStaccato Well-Known Member

    Not max damage in a wall situation but if you happen to do 44k>wall splat (and have the presence of mind to not do p+k) then>ppkp>8p+k is the most I found against Shun for 64dmg(Ch).
  5. X250A

    X250A Member

    You can tell if a combo works without needing to set fall recovery. The combo counter turns green if its teachable at certain points(white is guaranteed). It only doesn't work for combos that start from moves that cause a shakable stagger. You can still use this to find guaranteed follow-ups if opponent doesn't shake it though.
  6. Tricky

    Tricky "9000; Eileen Flow Dojoer" Content Manager Eileen

    Don't know if listed already but a wall combo I played with just now that does a good chunk. 4P+K (max charge), 46K+G,9K+G, 46P+KP, 43P+K,6PP
  7. Tricky

    Tricky "9000; Eileen Flow Dojoer" Content Manager Eileen

    2_3P+K (wall hit) >44p+k>46k>9p>46p+k>46k+g>336p+k>66kk>8p+k 135 dmg on Goh
  8. AnimalStaccato

    AnimalStaccato Well-Known Member

    It's weird that 9k adds only 4 more damage when its base damage is 25 where as 46p+k adds around 4 in most combos and has a base damage of 10. Seems like weird scaling to me.

    That's the same as this combo but with the stuff on the front chopped off. Just saiyan.

  9. Tricky

    Tricky "9000; Eileen Flow Dojoer" Content Manager Eileen

    You're using 3K as wallhit I use 2_3P+K. I did chop off the iffy stuff that can be broken like the throw stagger. 3K is a lot harder to get the wall stagger off of than 2_3P+K. Just sayin' :p
  10. Sithlord

    Sithlord Well-Known Member

    I already posted this in the media forum, but I'll stick it here too for easy reference.

    Lion The Infinite Gyre
  11. SuperPanda

    SuperPanda Well-Known Member

  12. hurtfulthings

    hurtfulthings Member

    Flipped through the thread and didn't see this.

    46 K+G -> 46 P+KPP -> 8 P+K

    68 dmg NH, 81 dmg CH, only works on Akira on CH, both versions work on Jean. The timing in open is kinda tricky.

    If the 8 P+K wall-slides, you can finish with 66KK for 83 dmg normal hit and 103 dmg counter hit. That'll only occur at very specific spacings.

    Not terribly practical considering how slow 46 K+G is. It'll catch low rising attacks though.

    Edit: Also,

    8K (CH) -> 46 P+KPP -> 8 P+K

    Works on most lightweights for 68 dmg. With a wall-slide and a 66KK followup, it does 83 dmg. Doesn't work on Lei-Fei or Shun.

    On Jacky, 8K (CH) -> 46 P+K -> 6PP does 59 dmg.

    On Akira and Jean, 8K (CH)-> 44K, P+K does 48 dmg to Akira and 52 dmg to Jean (for some reason).
  13. SG-Lion

    SG-Lion Well-Known Member

    I have clean-up the Google Doc a bit. [​IMG]
  14. Chibiaya

    Chibiaya Well-Known Member

    Bus Orez
    This is a great thread, But it seriously needs to be organized lol
  15. Darksoul173

    Darksoul173 Well-Known Member

    I've been meaning to do a list of max damage fc3P combos
    I'lll get back home and i'll work on it
  16. Stl_Tim

    Stl_Tim Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    why doesn't every lion player just take on the job of finding max dmg for one lion move? I will start by trying to find every max dmg combo for 6k(ch) all weight classes. This way it's a community effort and make it easier rather than have 50 threads that have tid bits. What say the rest of you lion players? Let's get to work and form some solid information. Later on we can delete the useless clutering threads to simplify things.

  17. AnimalStaccato

    AnimalStaccato Well-Known Member

    I've been working on max damage for all chars. I'll dump what I've got to get things started.

    If it's got a question mark by it then I haven't tested it yet but it probably works.

    The formatting got a bit messed up in the copy/paste. If you see a combo with no launcher by it, it's for the last mentioned launcher.

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------Super Light Weight

    33P: 46P+Kp2/8P>43P+K>6PP 88DMG
    PKP>43P+K>6PP 84DMG
    66p: 46P+KPP>43P+K>6PP 76/86(CH)DMG
    46P+KPP>_KK 71/81(CH)DMG
    46p+kp2p>66kk 72/82(CH)DMG
    TRTH PPKP: 2P>66KK
    214P: 2P>46P+K>43P+K>_P>_66KK 70DMG
    46P+KPP>_KK 66DMG
    43P: 2P>43P+K>6PP 59/67(CH)DMG
    3/9PKG K(CH): 2P>46P+K>43P+K>6PP 73DMG
    2P>43P+K>6PP 67DMG
    TRTH 2KK: 66>2P>46P+K>_P>66KK 76/81(CH)DMG
    66>2P>43P+K>6PP 73/78(CH)DMG
    TRTH 9P+K(CH): 46P+KPP>43P+K>6PP 80DMG
    TRTH 9P+K: 46P+KPP>6PP 64/72(CH)DMG
    46P+K>_P>43P+K>_P>_66KK 65/73(CH)DMG OPEN ONLY
    46P+K>_P>43P+K>6PP 64/72(CH)DMG
    _26P+G: 66>2P>66P+K>6PP 64DMG
    _P>43P+K>6PP 68DMG

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------Light Weight

    33P: 46P+Kp2/8P>43P+K>6PP 88DMG

    _26P+G: 66>2P>66P+K>6PP 64DMG
    6k(CH): 2p>46p+k>43p+k>6pp 75DMG
    33P: 46P+Kp2/8P>_KK 83DMG
    46P+Kp2/8P>6PP 80DMG
    46k: 66K>P>43P+K>6PP 71/81(CH)DMG
    TRTH 2KK: 66>2P>46P+K>6PP 68/73(CH)DMG
    44K: P+K>46P+K>43P+K>_P>_66KK 72/82(CH)DMG
    43P: 2P>43P+K>6PP

    2K(CH),K+G: _P>43P+K>6PP
    _26P+G: _P>46P+K>43P+K>6PP 73DMG ?

    33P: 46P+Kp2/8P>_KK 83DMG
    46P+Kp2/8P>6PP 80DMG
    46P+Kp2/8P>66KK 79DMG
    66P+K>46P+K>43P+K>_P>_66KK 79DMG
    66P+K>46P+K>43P+K>6PP 77DMG
    46p+kp2/8p>66kk 79DMG
    66p: 46P+KPP>_KK 71/81(CH)DMG
    46k: 66>P>43P+K>P>66KK 65/75(CH)DMG
    66>2P>46P+K>_KK 61/71(CH)DMG
    44k: P+K>46P+K>43P+K>6PP 70/80(CH)DMG
    P+K>46P+K>43P+K>_P>_66KK 72/82(CH)DMG
    _26P+G: _P>66P+K>6PP 64DMG
    66>46P+k>_P>_KK 66DMG
    66>2P>46P+K>6PP 63DMG
    TRTH 9P+K: 46P+K>66P+K>6PP 56/64(CH)DMG
    TRTH 2KK: 66>2P>46P+K>6PP 68/73(CH)DMG
    6k(CH): 2p>66p+k>43p+k>_P>_66KK 78DMG
    1k(CH): 46P+K>43P+K>6PP 71DMG

    33P: 46P+Kp2/8P>6PP 80DMG
    PKP>KK 79DMG
    46P+K>66P+K>43P+K>_P>_66KK 79DMG
    46p+K>66p+k>43P+K>6PP 77DMG
    66p: 66p+k>46p+k>43p+k>_p>66kk 72/82(CH)DMG
    46P+KPP>_KK 71/81(CH)DMG
    1k(CH): 46P+K>43P+K>6PP 71DMG
    TRTH 9P+K: 46P+K>43P+K>6PP 60/68(CH)DMG
    46P+K>43P+K>_PKP 60/68(CH)DMG
    46P+K>43P+K>_P>_66KK 63/71(CH)DMG
    46k: 66K>P>43P+K>6PP 71/81(CH)DMG
    2K(CH),K+G: _P>46P+K>6PP 68/86(CH)DMG
    TRTH 2KK: 66>2P>46P+K>6PP 68/73(CH)DMG
    43P: 2P>6PP 55DMG
    3/9PKG K(CH): 2P>46P+K>6PP 62DMG
    8K: 2P>6PP ?
    _26P+G: 44K,P+K>2P>66KK ?
    TRTH 2KK: 66>2P>66P+K>6PP 59/74(CH)DMG ?
    3P(CH)P: 2P>66KK
    P+K: _P>46P+K>6PP ?

    44k: P+K>46P+K>43P+K>6PP 70/80(CH)DMG
    33P: 46P+Kp2/8P>_KK 83DMG
    46P+Kp2/8P>6PP 80DMG
    46P+K>66p+k>43P+K>6PP 77DMG
    PKP>_KK 79DMG
    6k(CH): 2p>46p+k>43p+k>6pp 75DMG
    _26P+G: 66>2P>66P+K>6PP 64DMG
    66p: 46P+KPP>_KK 71/81(CH)DMG
    61P+G K: 2P>43P+K>6PP 63DMG
    2P>43P+K>_P>66KK 66DMG
    46k: 66K>P>43P+K>6PP 71/81(CH)DMG
    TRTH 2KK: 2P>43P+K>6PP (CH)DMG

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------Middle Weight

    _26P+G: 66P+K>2P>_KK 67DMG ?

    43p: 2p>6pp ?
    _26P+G: 66P+K>2P>_KK 67DMG ?

    33P: 66P+K>46P+K>43P+K>_P>_66KK 79DMG
    66P+K>46P+K>43P+K>6PP 77DMG
    46p+kp2/8p>66kk 79DMG
    6k(CH): 2p>46p+k>43p+k>_P>_66KK 77DMG
    2p>46p+k>43p+k>6PP 77DMG
    66P: 46P+KPP>_KK 71/81DMG
    _26P+G: _P>46P+K>6PP 63DMG
    _P>_KK 59DMG
    1k(CH): P>_KK 64DMG
    44K: P+K>46P+K>43P+K>_P>_66KK 72/82(CH)DMG

    33P: 46p+kp2/8p>66kk 79DMG

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------Heavy Middle Weight

    43p: 2p>6pp
    3/9PKG K(CH): 2P>6PP 55DMG
    44K: P+K>_P>_KK 62/72DMG
    TRTH 2KK: 66>2P>46P+K>6PP 68/73(CH)DMG
    TRTH 2KK: 66>2P>6PP 61/66(CH)DMG
    4P+K: 46K+G>46P+K>43P+K>6PP 97(CH)DMG
    33p: 46P+KP2/8P>66KK 79DMG
    46P+K>66P+K>43P+K>6PP 77DMG
    46K+G(CH): _P>46P+K>6PP 78DMG
    46K+G: _P>6PP 58/71(CH)DMG
    6k(CH): 2p>46p+k>43p+k>_P>_66KK 75DMG
    1k(CH): P>6PP 61DMG
    66P: 46P+KPP>6PP 68DMG
    46K: 66>2P>66P+K>6PP 59/69(CH)DMG
    66>2P>46P+K>6PP 58/68(CH)DMG

    61P+G K: 2P>43P+K>6PP 63DMG
    8K: 2P>6PP ?
    8K: 6PP

    44K: P+K>_P>_KK 62
    44K(CH): P+K>46P+K>43P+K>_P>66KK 87DMG CLOSED ONLY
    P+k>46P+K>43P+K>6pp 85dmg
    33P: 46P+Kp2/8P>66p+kp 81DMG
    66P+K>46P+K>43P+K>6PP 81DMG
    66P+K>46P+K>43P+K>_P>_66KK 83DMG
    66p: 46P+KPP>_KK 71/81(CH)DMG
    46P+K>6PP 66DMG
    6k(CH): 2p>66p+k>43p+k>6pp 80DMG
    46P+KPP>6PP 79DMG
    TRTH 9P+K: 46P+K>43P+K>6PP 72DMG
    _26P+G: _P>46P+K>6PP 63DMG
    _P>_KK 59DMG
    P+K: _P>66P+K>6PP 58/74(CH)DMG
    46K: 66>2P>66P+K>6PP 59/74(CH)DMG

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------Heavy Weight

    66p: 46P+KPP>_KK 71/81(CH)DMG
    33P: 46P+K>43P+K>_P>66P+KP 71DMG
    2K(CH),K+G: _P>46P+KPP 61/79(CH)DMG CLOSED ONLY
    2K(CH),K+G: PKP 56/74(CH)DMG
    9P: 46P+K>43P+K>_P>66P+KP 70/82(CH)DMG
    1k(CH): _P>46P+KPP 60DMG
    TRTH 2KK: 66>2P>6PP 61/66(CH)DMG
    TRTH 2KK: 66>2P>_KK 64/69(CH)DMG CLOSED
    _26P+G: _P>_KK 59DMG

    _26P+G: 66P+K>_P>_KK 66DMG ?

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------Super Heavy Weight

    Side Crumple: 46K+G>_P>_KK 52DMG (NOT INLUDING 336P+K WHICH DOES 33DMG)
    33p: 43P+K>66KK 63DMG
    44K: 6PP 63DMG
    _26P+G: 66>2P>6PP 56DMG ?
    1K: 8P+K ?
  18. Darksoul173

    Darksoul173 Well-Known Member

    a few notes for Tim's list
    any 33P 46P+KP8/2P combo only works in closed stance
    any 33P PKP works any stance

    vs aoi 33P PKP 43P+K 6PP is max dmg for any stance

    vs everyone from Pai to Akira max damage open stance is:
    33P 46P+KPP 43P+K 6PP 83 damage

    vs Eileen and Blaze 33P 44K P+K 46P+K 43P+K 6PP 85 damage any stance

    vs Wolf and Jeffery
    33P 46P+KP2/8P PK closed stance 73 damage
    33P 46P+KPP KK open stance 78 damage

    vs Eileen 2_6P+G 44K P+K 2P 66KK 74 damage
    vs Jacky Jean and Akira 2_6P+G 66P+K P KK 67 damage
  19. Chibitox

    Chibitox Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter

    Great stuff guys !

    Since it's hard to organize things, due to not being able to edit first post, maybe we could fill
    this Doc

    It has a layout close to what exists on this site.
    If you're willing to help send me a PM so that I share the doc with you for editing.
    For stance notes I put it like this, B=both stances, C=close, O=Open X=doesn't work
    I'll try to update it myself on a regular basis
  20. Chibiaya

    Chibiaya Well-Known Member

    Bus Orez
    now this is organized!!

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